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The Kidney Tonic: Pink Salt + Lemon Water

The Kidney Tonic: Pink Salt + Lemon Water

Learn how to make a detoxifying and rehydrating pink salt and lemon water tonic to help support kidney function, boost your energy levels and kick start the day!

The role of the kidneys

The kidneys, one of our body’s most important detoxification organs, are responsible for helping filter toxic waste products out of the blood via way of urination. To help support this process, we are encouraged – often – to hydrate our body, increasing our water intake to help this natural function. All efforts for increased hydration are wholly cheered on, however, unfortunately, for some, drinking too much water can actually be minimising the benefits of hydration in the first place. In short; your efforts to be constantly hydrated, guzzling gallons of water, can tax the kidneys – as they are trying to filter through all that H20 and throws off the delicate mineral balance required for optimal function.

replenish + Rehydrate

The fine balance of mineral levels in our bodies, notably sodium and potassium, are highly integral to the function of our kidneys – which maintain our overall fluid balance, regulate and filter minerals in the blood, filter waste materials from our dietary intake and create hormones that are associated with blood generation, bone production and blood pressure regulation.

If you find that you as soon as you drink water you’re rushing to the bathroom to pass it, you’re likely not actually getting adequate hydration. It’s likened to when you water a bone dry plant, and the water rushes straight to the base of the pot, rather than soaking into the roots.

And it’s not only the kidneys that may be implicated. Linked intimately to our adrenal glands – located on top of each kidney – which produce hormones vital to homeostasis, including crucially our stress response, as well as the regulation of blood sugar, the uptake of the macronutrients of protein and fat and blood pressure levels, when the kidneys are in overdrive, the adrenal glands can become similarly overworked. A common experience of which can be adrenal fatigue.

read: what is adrenal fatigue?


The Kidney Tonic:

This kidney supportive tonic is a quick, simple and cheap morning drink that can help support the absorption of water, for proper rehydration. This natural beverage helps to hydrate the body without over-dilution.

The Ingredients For the Pink salt + Lemon water tonic

The key ingredient here, other than your filtered water of course, is actually adding back in some salt – and we don’t mean the table salt kind! – but a high quality, untreated, pink salt which contains the necessary trace elements needed to balance mineral levels in the body.

our favourite is this pink salt from premier research labs.

The other hero product? Lemon! Nature’s very own hero detoxication ingredient, rich in Vitamin C, kickstarting the digestive process and helping to balance your pH levels in the body.


How To Make The Pink Salt + Lemon Water Tonic

Simply mix one large glass of filtered water with the juice of ½ a lemon and ¼ teaspoon of your high quality pink salt.

Sip slowly and start your day in a naturally energising way!

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