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There's now a Low Fat Avocado

There's now a Low Fat Avocado

Just when we thought we had reached peak avocado, along came Isla Bonita and their Light Avocado variation. According to their site, the fruits, cultivated in very special climates and set to launch exclusively in Spain in October, are said to ripen quicker, oxidise slower (less yucky brown stuff when you get them open) and contain 30% less fat than your standard fat filled favourite.

But is this a good thing?

We don’t think so.

Your favourite brunch topper/smoothie filler/chip dipper is packed to the brim with “good” fats which are an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. In fact, in terms of the quantity you’ll get, in one standard cup of sliced avocado, there’s 21 g of fat, with a whopping 14g of that being mono-unsaturated [Spoiler Alert: that's the good stuff]

These mono-unsaturated fats lower the levels of low density lipoproteins (LDLs) thus lowering high cholesterol levels and decreasing the risk of developing heart disease.

Low fat variations in the food industry are notorious for incorporating sugar laden, chemical sweeteners, flavourings or additives to compensate for the lack of taste and flavour in comparison to their delicious full-fat cousins. Whilst this new “Slimcado” isn’t [yet] indicating of any additives or genetically modified processes, we can’t help but think this is just a gimmick flashing back to the dietary propaganda of the yester-years and may just incite more food-related fears and anxiety into the public.

The new low fat line up?... PC:  Louisiana Mei Gelpi

The new low fat line up?... PC: Louisiana Mei Gelpi


Why we need fat.

Fat is one of the three essential macronutrients needed to sustain and nourish our bodies and minds. Far from the outdated mentality of “the fat you eat is the fat you wear” born from the fear mongering campaigns of the 1950s onwards – fronted by the low fat diet leader Ancel Keys hypothesising dietary fats cause cardiovascular disease and should be avoided and the resulting propaganda of food marketing campaigns (AKA the Food Pyramid) – studies are now showing that not only do fats contribute to a longer life span, but that a high fat, low carbohydrate diet is most effective for weight loss and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease in overweight people.

Just some of the benefits of including high quality sources of good fats in your diet include:

Better brain function

Our brains have the highest concentration of fat after our adipose tissue, therefore cognitive health relies on fat consumption.

Sustained Energy

Fat provides the highest density of energy per gram in comparison to the other macronutrients. Coming in at 9cal of energy, compared to 4cal for carbohydrates and protein, fuelling your body with fat will offer a denser energy source.

Increase Insulin Sensitivity

Decreasing your carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat can increase insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation and support your metabolism for optimal functioning.

Healthy Reproductive System and Body Composition

A high fat diet can be better for reproductive health as the cholesterol is used to make hormones, therefore eating greater proportion of fat allows for the hormonal balance of androgens – including testosterone and oestrogen. This is then beneficial for body composition as fat loss and maintenance is much easier if hormones are balanced.

Kick cravings to the curb

Fat is filling. By fuelling yourself with a high fat diet you will remain satiated and be able to curb hunger and cravings.

Instead of buying into the blatant fad marketing of the food industry, which drives success from inciting anxiety around the food we eat everyday, how about we just stick to what nature has originally created and look to balance our daily intake, by choosing reputable food sources, focusing on nutritional value and developing eating patterns that makes us feel fantastic and operate at optimal function. 

Slimcado, you don’t have fans here, we will be taking the full fat option, everyday.  


Cover PC: Instagram/ @letterfolk

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