5 Min Fit Chat With Cheryl Lin

Cheryl Lin is one of Singapore's premier holistic fitness professionals. The founder of Eat, Train, Love, Lululemon Ambassador and all around inspiration shares her philosophy to honour your body, mind and spirit through a balance of sweat, soul and nourishment in this 5 Min Fit Chat. 

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Motivation to move in Winter

It's November in London, our clocks have turned back, the sun is beginning to set around 4pm, the mornings are dark & frosty and the grey blanket of winter has set in. However as a trainer, I utilize my secret weapon to keep me going, energised and (mostly) upbeat. What is it? 

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FitnessRosie Gregory
Pilates for Men

If there is one thing I have learnt about the Male species, it is that they cannot resist a challenge. Whether that is in the workplace, in relationships or smashing out reps in the gym. With the level of Testosterone spinning around the male body, there is a pumped up desire to do and be better. This is where Pilates steps in.

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