TKO: Boutique boxing a striking success in Singapore

Step into a near pitch black room, punctuated only by shooting strips of neon lights that flash in unison to an adrenaline-racing soundtrack, wind up your knuckles in wraps and gear up to fight your way to a new level of fitness in the latest trend to hit Singapore – boutique boxing. In this new pairing, it’s part nightclub, part spin class with a whole lot of fight club attitude required for the high-energy, high-end boxing classes flooding into the Singaporean fitness scene.

 PC: Instagram/  @stillboxing

PC: Instagram/ @stillboxing

Haven’t met your match with this latest innovative fitness trend? Get ready to sting like a bee and perfect your technique now, as competition will soon be getting fierce amongst a bevy of new studio openings. Boutique boxing classes, launched into the Singapore fitness scene firstly by Still Boxing –located at the newly launched GuavaLabs, established by the forward thinking team of GuavaPass – closely followed by Ground Zero and rumoured to soon be joined by pack leaders CruBox (of CruCycle fame) are front-running this hot new trend.

The concept? Take the product that is sky-rocketing the value of the Singaporean fitness economy – boutique fitness studios – and give it a hard-edged twist, high intensity interval format and sprinkle in some MMA influence, for a workout that is leaving clients buzzing off endorphins and unleashing their daily tension. 

Gone are the days of sparring rounds underneath fluorescent lights in a suspiciously smelling gym. This innovative, high-end fitness format takes that boxing session you know, and amplifies it into a class based workout that will not only send your cardio and strength levels sky rocketing, but drastically improves your agility and co-ordination skills. The outcome? You’ll get all the health and fitness benefits of a hard round of boxing, without the risk of a black eye.

 PC: Instagram/  @crubox

PC: Instagram/ @crubox

As the perfect antithesis to stressful city living, this is the place to come to unleash your worries onto the bag and be rewarded with a whole new physique as you carve out muscle and rip away excess body fat, through the rounds of sweat inducing, conditioning intervals. With a little guidance from top boxing champ and professional instructors leading the classes, soon you’ll be rolling out the punches, firing out fight combinations and dripping with sweat and satisfaction as you go through the rounds of shadow boxing, strikes, strength and cardio drills.

In one sleek session, you’ll torch calories, maximize those strength gains and be on your way to a knockout level of fitness. After a few rounds in the ring, you will no doubt be asking “Mayweather, who?!”

Cover Image PC: Instagram/ @crubox