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How to stay motivated in busy times

How to stay motivated in busy times

We’ve all experienced those busy times when motivation to work out seems to just disappear.  

When a particularly busy period arises and suddenly theres stressful deadlines, endless meetings, social occasions taking over your calendar and your alarm goes off in the pitch black morning, we  know those times pop up when good intentions are just overtaken by life’s situations.

But finding ways to keep moving not only maintains your physical and mental fitness, health and wellbeing, but also greatly aids in stress relief and relaxation (thanks endorphins!) during busy times. 

Here’s some simple ticks to help you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on track after you lose motivation in busy times. 

Schedule it in

When motivation is waning, scheduling is crucial. The last thing you want to do is leave your workouts to the last minute and be at the mercy of the endless excuses that will have you selecting sofa time over sweat time. Try booking in your sessions for the week on a Sunday and stick to them as though they are appointments, so you don’t cancel!

Try something new

If a lack of motivation, alongside a plateau in results and boredom is your issue, perhaps you’ve been in the same programme or routine for too long and need to switch up your schedule. Whilst regularity is a crucial aspect to maintaining a workout regimen, repetition can not only be a gateway to injury, but is often hugely boring. Switch it up and head to a different workout, a new class or studio opening, or trial something you've never thought of before! 

Make it social

Not only does setting up a sweat date with a friend tick an item off your social agenda, but it also makes you more accountable to actually attending that class! Working out with friends is always more fun and you’ll work harder and enjoy training more as you get some quality time in together!

Go to a class

When you feel like you’ve lost your way, heading into a solo session at the gym can be just the worst. Combat that sense of isolation and book into a class instead, where you’ll receive all the energy, atmosphere and motivation from a trainer, who's very job it is to get you moving! Class based workouts can help uplift your energy within the community atmosphere and take the strain off your own brain from trying to muddle through a workout.

Look for incidental fitness and ways to increase your NEAT

When you don’t feel like training aim to keep moving by increasing your incidental fitness and NEAT output. Choosing options like walking to work, hitting the stairs wherever possible or standing up to work, will all help add to your daily energy expenditure and are a sneaky way to keep your body moving when you lose your willpower.

Make it short yet effective

Gone are the days of spending countless hours working out, now its all about efficiency and effort. Try adding in a few days of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), or short but intense bursts of exercise, such as Tabata Intervals, to get your heart rate up, muscles engaged and mind active without draining your energy supply.

Assess how you feel

If your body is constantly yelling out at you that it doesn’t want to train – listen. This could be your intuition telling you that you’re overworked, overtired and overdoing it! If you notice that your sleep, energy levels and niggling injuries are creeping up, then its probably a sign that you need to slow down, realign and focus on rest. If this is the case swap in a few meditation or slow, restorative Yoga sessions, that way you’ll be benefitting your mind and body whilst taking genuine care of yourself.

Not sure how you feel like working out? Check out how to match your workout to your mood.

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