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Trialled & Tested: Still Hip-Hop Yoga

Trialled & Tested: Still Hip-Hop Yoga

As you step into the candlelit room, inhibitions fall away into the darkness and a familiar bass line rolls through your body. The buzzing electricity in the room crackles and as the volume cranks up, meet yourself on the mat to experience Still – Asia’s first hip-hop yoga studio – in all its sweat dripping, high vibing, beat dropping glory.

Forget all your preconceptions and previous experiences with Yoga – this is the sweat inducing, soul uplifting practice for those days when you need more badass beats and flowing hard than woo-woo spirituality and om-ming to get you through. Still Hip-Hop Yoga takes the authentic base of the practice but twists it with a fresh flavour, designed for the modern day Yogi who needs to unwind but knows it's all a vibe. 

The vibe

Currently in its soft trial phase, Still Hip-Hop Yoga comes from the innovative team who not only launched the highly successful Still Boxing earlier this year, but have also bought 30/30, a hybrid class of HIIT and Yoga Flow, to market recently. With a track record like that, it's safe to say they know a fitness trend and we forecast this one blowing up in a big way. 

Singapore is not short of a Yoga studio, but where the competition has got a little stagnant, Still kills it with a slick concept combining ultra uplifting vibes, a tribe of inspired, engaging instructors and a fresh, creative take on our favoured soulful practice – all whilst set to a killer soundtrack of your favourite hip-hop jams.

Still classes always flow in the dark, in a space that is more sanctuary than studio, dimly lit only by the flicker of glowing candles. Why? Because by stripping away the distractions, you can more easily reach the preferred Yogic state of inward focus – it’s just you and your mat as you tune in and move through your flows.

Own your flow

The tribe of Still Yogi’s flow in a dynamic Vinyassa style and classes are suitable for everyone who has had a touch of Yoga experience previously – if you’ve never hit a mat before, you may find it slightly challenging and overwhelming as a place to first meet the poses – but it's definitely a class you could happily bring your boyfriend to. The Still flow is created in a format that leads you through a repeated series of flows, before you get a chance to move into your own self practice phase. Not only does this spark your own sense of creativity and play – two things everyone needs more of in their day – but makes it easy for you to set your own challenge level as you have complete freedom to move. From adding in inversions or arm balances, or choosing to move slower and take rest, this cultivates a sacred space and time for self practice, where you can truly honour your body.

Is it “real” Yoga?

Well, it’s definitely not the silent, chakra aligning, chanting type of Yoga, but this powerful flow practice is deeply authentic in that you are connecting to your body, breath and self through movement.

In fact, despite the sick beats are coursing through the room – sidenote: which is actually positive as it unconsciously anchors your breathing to the rhythm – the mind becomes hyper focused inwards, thanks to the lack of light reducing distraction and neighbourly competition, which is generally a complaint within boutique Yoga studios.

The spiritual tribe

This niche indeed transpires to be bringing a new breed of spirituality, one suited to the millennial pace and tastes, where you ride the vibrations of sweat and soul, flowing to your favourite tunes, anchored to a steady beat and have a space to let go of all the bullshit that came before you stepped onto the mat. There’s a feel to this class similar to that of attending Soul Cycle, as you flow there’s a sense of moving through a journey, connected to the other Yogi’s by the beat and breath, as the collective steams up the space.

Still Hip-Hop Yoga is set to be the new 'it' place to flow in Singapore. The challenging pace of classes, "YAS thats my jam!" soundtrack and mindful release for busy minds will have you receiving all the very best benefits of Yoga, whilst also hitting those uplifted and soulful vibes...







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Cover Image PC: Instagram/@catmeffan

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