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Trialled & Tested: HOM Yoga

Trialled & Tested: HOM Yoga

On the hunt for a soulful yet sweaty yoga studio, I was lured in by the reputation of HOM both here and in Sydney. Always looking to maximise the opportunity to get to know a studio, I jumped on board the 7 day unlimited intro trial at HOM Yoga to test out 7 different classes and a mix of instructors and styles.

As both a practicing studio and a training facility, HOM has set out to provide a space for students to journey on a path of self-discovery and immerse themselves into the physical practice. Why you truly need hot yoga in a place as humid and sticky as Singapore is something I’m still questioning, non-the-less I sweated, saluted the sun and stood on my head to check out this popular, contemporary yoga studio.


HOM Yoga - Singapore


Raffles Place (where I did all my classes) + Orchard

Also locations in Sydney for the East Coast Aussies 

Sweet deals

$32 for 7 days unlimited 


Walk up the stairs to reception and you’ll feel transported to a luxury day spa. With the desk staff and team all dressed in fresh white, the most Pinterest-crush worthy pink velvet sofa and patterned tile feature wall and appealing displays of all the high-end yoga merch and Fiji water you could need,  the tone is set for the light and spacious luxe atmosphere of the studio. 

A sense of silence envelops you as you move through the space - which has two studios over separate floors - and change rooms. Clients and staff alike seem reverent as they move around quietly before class and slip into the studio space before class begins. 

Reception vibes

Reception vibes

Flow Style

Classes on offer range from Hot Flow and Hatha, to (heated or unheated) Vinyassa Flow, Astanga or Yin and Yang. Running between 45-60 minutes the classes seem to be sequenced to fit in as much as possible in a shorter time frame, which feels like a real rinse out practice for the body. 

Classes are all set at one/multi level, which in general is more of an intermediate level with some advanced variations offered if it was in your practice. Without different levels offered, it really depends on the teacher of the class and their pitching for the day as to what level of complexity or challenge you will face that day. Overall, I would say these classes would be more beneficial for those who already had a yoga practice as there isn't a developmental breaking down of postures, or the hands on correction, necessary for a total beginner or slightly apprehensive Yogi. 

All in the details

The bright and airy studios hold 20 and 30 mats each, deceptively so as once these spaces fill up ( which is very quickly in peak times), the studio has maxed their capacity, meaning there is negligible space between mats, leading to you to negotiate with your neighbours to find space and avoid hitting body parts mid sequence… #awkward, but its all yoga…right?!

HOM like their yoga, hot. Really hot. They offer both heated and non-heated classes, but be warned, even if it is not a “hot” class, you will most likely still be dripping with sweat with the only respite coming from the opening of the windows occasionally - read: there are no fans or air con. I personally love getting sweaty, but there were points where I was wondering if it were possible to be flowing and breathing consciously so quickly in advanced sequences in such a heated space.

After all that sweating no doubt you will be in desperate need of a shower and luckily in the kitsch tiled shower space the studio is well stocked with Ashley & Co products. For women there's 6 showers, and only 3 hairdryers, which means at the end of class there is a rush to the change rooms and a line forms quickly to rinse off. 

 The highlights

As I already have a substantial practice and experience with Yoga, I did really enjoy the opportunity to push my limits, break some fear barriers and try some new, more advanced poses, which are available due to the higher base level of the classes.

HOM has also managed to capture a very dedicated and loyal following here, with clients who all seem very sincere in their practice. With a strong, quiet and focused intention to the classes, stemming from the students, you feel very much like you can progress and explore the practice fully here.

Also special shout out to Lucy Kell, who led Vinyassa Flow and provided the best flow I’ve had to date in Singapore. Unlike many others who seem to just jump straight into downward dog, she mindfully begun the practice, built many layers and progressions throughout and finished with a full guided savasana at the end. A fantastic teacher who I will keep looking out for on schedules!

Real sweat post flow

Real sweat post flow

Mmmm…maybe not?

So a few things that dulled my yogic buzz a little. The most jarring was the format to ending and finishing the classes. Generally one of the most anticipated and beneficial parts of a yoga class is Savasana… (anyone else just here for the lay down bit?). Commonly at HOM however - and perhaps due to the time restraints of a 45 minute class- the instructors will get the class into savasana, then rather abruptly inform the class to stay as long as you want, intone “Namaste” and leave the room. What follows next is a disruption of many students jumping up to run to showers, others lying there still and others, like me, lying there very confused about what to do and how to finish the practice. To me, this whole situation really defeats the very purpose of the final resting pose and feels very disjointed.

As I mentioned above the mats are very close and additionally a large mirror covering the front of the studio. Generally students do get to class between 10-15 minutes before hand to grab a mat, so if you want a particular patch - to be further away from the mirror, or closer to the window, get in early and be prepared to get intimate.


Overall, I really loved the sense of calm and quiet the studio evoked. The practices felt like a great rinse out for my body and though I left feeling pretty tired from a short yoga session, I felt grounded in my body. It may not be my regular practicing studio, but definitely a go-to when I'm craving a very sweaty flow and advanced progressions! 


Sweat Scale 9/10 (hot yoga + hot climate = real sweat)

Mindful Movement 6/10

Strength Gains 7/10

Unwind Meter 6/10

Vibing On It 7/10

Trialled & Tested: F45

Trialled & Tested: F45

Match your workout to your mood

Match your workout to your mood