What is Prehab?

Want to bulletproof your body and safeguard against injury? Then you better be getting into Prehab - the mode, movement and mindset that is set to shift how you focus on fitness in 2018. 

What is Prehab?

Pre-Hab: Preventative Rehabilitation

Prehab is the proactive approach to avoiding injury by combatting muscular imbalances, improper movement patterns and ingrained poor habits. Through a series of exercises focusing on activation, engagement and correct muscle recruitment the strength and stability around vulnerable areas is enhanced to improve mobility, balance and joint function. In time, this decreases the potential for injury.

The Prehab Protocol

Undertaking a prehab protocol simply means dedicating some time to assess your postural alignment, examine movement patterns and analyse weaknesses to minimise the risk of injury.

Generally, it is designed to give a little extra TLC and focus to the common injury prone areas of the body such as the hips, knees, shoulders and ankles whilst enhancing core function. This true, core strength can help alleviate muscular imbalances and postural deviations that increase risk of injury when load is applied to movement – such as commencing a weight training regime, or simply picking up a heavy box off the ground in your office. Once the joint and postural integrity is gained, or restored, then optimal movement patterns and functions are able to be performed to greater effect and outcome – making prehab an integral addition in order to assist your progression as an athlete!

How to

The most effective way of incorporating prehab into your regime is to include specific prehab exercises into a dynamic warmup to be completed before you commence your workout. This allows the muscles targeted in the prehab exercises to be specifically engaged and activated, which in turns means you will be able to recruit the correct muscle fibres in the main “work” section of your session – ensuring optimal movement pathways and patterning!

The Bonus Points

Taking a holistic approach, this method of preventative rehabilitation can also include all aspects of your life that affect your training and/or optimal functioning. This can include your nutrition, sleep, hydration and mindset. Ensuring you are taking genuine care of yourself in each of these areas greatly decreases your risk of injury and ensures you can operate at full capacity!

Take it to the pros

Whilst there are many prehab exercises that are great for everybody, due to our highly individual natures, injury predisopositions, postural alignment and lifestyle factors that impede on function, it can be highly beneficial to book in with a pro, such as a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist or clinical Pilates practitioner, so that you can have an individual anaylsis. This will then allow you to have a tailored programme specifically devised for your own body.

The Exercises

Head over to the Prehab Protocol Series for a full exercise series to incorporate into your workout regime!