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Where To Workout In Singapore

Where To Workout In Singapore

With the recent explosion of the fitness scene in Singapore, finding where to workout has never been easier. From boutique studios, to HIIT gyms and outdoor bootcamps, there has never been a better time to get yourself into the fitness arena. Including sweat sessions, mindful movement, Yoga studios and everything in between, here is your guide of the best studios and where to workout in Singapore.


Best Gyms, Outdoor Bootcamps and HIIT Sessions in Singapore

Still Boxing

Touted as the supermodels workout and known for whipping you into shape with some impressive fitness prowess, boxing is fast becoming the workout to fit into your schedule. With Asia’s first water-pressure filled boxing bag installation, a nightclub-esque studio and some of the hottest instructors around town, Still Boxing is leading the pack for group boxing workouts, that really pack a punch. Through the interval rounds of shadow boxing, strike sequences and strength circuits, you will jab, cross and hook your way to a strong, fighting fit body. PS. The lighting in the studio makes you look super fly!

Where: Guava Labs, OUE Downtown

Book In: Still Group

Absolute Cycle

Singapore’s first real rhythm ride studio has popped up downtown and will have you spinning to the beat, tapping back and grinning from ear from the second class begins. As one of the hottest studios in Bangkok, Absolute's first venture in Singapore is bringing the high intensity, sizzle and soul uplifting cardio high expected of international, top end, boutique studios. Armed with a team of inspiring and passionate trainers, who know exactly how to get into the zone, if you were a devout fan of Soul Cycle or Psycle, then Absolute is going to give you that buzz right here in Singapore.

Where: OUE Downtown

Book In: Absolute Cycle

Absolute Cycle PC:  @absolutecyclesingapore

Absolute Cycle PC: @absolutecyclesingapore


The Aussie F45 franchise sensation that has been sweeping the globe is without a doubt a massive hit here in Singapore – with 10 studios currently dotted across the city and rumours circling of more to come. The functional fitness circuit class ranks high in popularity for sculpting muscle, shedding fat and skyrocketing cardio levels and has reached cult like status with its dedicated disciples packing out the group workout sessions. 

Where: Various Locations (Our fave is Amoy St for CBD convenience)

Book In: F45

Eat Train Love

Crossing categories from sweat inducing bootcamps, to barre/pilates inspired Long + Lean sessions and Bliss Yoga, for Eat Train Love the question is really, is there anything they can't do?! With a holistic approach to fitness, health and wellbeing, all the ETL sessions will inspire you to work hard but at the same time balance and support your recovery. The result – you walk away feeling energised and uplifted, with a strong body and mind, rather than depleted from your tough workout! 

Where: Various Locations

Book In: Eat Train Love

Eat Train Love PC:  @eattrainlovesg

Eat Train Love PC: @eattrainlovesg

Fire Station

One for the HIIT fans, Fire Station is all about lung bursting cardio intervals and strength sets, to have you skyrocketing your fitness levels and reaping the rewards of metabolic after burn. With a concept similar to that of Barry’s Bootcamp or 1Rebel, as you switch between treadmill sprints and floor sets, you’ll be pushed to your limits to chase those high speeds and reps before the buzzer times out. The classes alternate in focus – be it cardio or strength – but each session will have you digging deep to make it through the rounds. Make sure you have a towel to mop up all that sweat!

Where: Tanjong Pagar

Book In: Fire Station


Recognised as the transformation specialists in Singapore, the UFit team has a reputation preceeding them for offering personal training that is backed with research, expertise and results. For those looking for a group environment, they run an extensive schedule of outdoor bootcamps all over the island. With specific focuses, be it females only, Sentosa beach sessions, HIIT or strength workouts, these bootcamps are hot in demand and packed out with a committed team of attendees facilitated by highly vetted trainers.

Where: Various Locations

Book In: UFit

UFit Bootcamps PC:  @ufitbootcampssg

UFit Bootcamps PC: @ufitbootcampssg

Soul + Stretch

The best Yoga, Pilates and Mindful Movement studios in Singapore

Still Yoga

With the lights turned down low and candles burning, hip-hop beats pumping and bodies flowing, Still Yoga brings a fresh element to the Singapore scene with their unique concept which elicits only good vibes. As you move to your favourite hip-hop tunes, from old school classics, to modern mashups, tension and anxieties literally melt away and the endorphins move in. The darkened room removes the external distraction of whatever that girl in front of you is doing (whilst also challenging your proprioception and balance skills!), and you get an hour to purely focus on yourself and dial inwards to strengthen the mind-body connection. Suited for anyone who has tried a little bit of Yoga before, the class allows space for you to add in some self-practice and throw in some arm balances or inversions, if that’s your thing, or just enjoy fully absorbing the sensation of moving to the beat.

Where: Guava Labs, OUE Downtown

Book In: Still Yoga

Still Yoga PC:  @stillyogasg

Still Yoga PC: @stillyogasg

Ascend Yoga Therapy

For a spiritual, rejuvenating and meaningful Yoga experience, head to Ascend Yoga Therapy. Specialising in ascending chakra practices, Ascend offers flow and core yoga classes which focus on deepening your practice and the physical, yet mindful connection to the body. With an authentic intention to assist and equip Yogi’s on their pathway, they also offer Gong meditation sessions, which are a deep sonic modality that brings vibrations into the body (totally mind blowing) whilst additionally presenting healing therapies such as Reiki and massage. 

Where: Boat Quay

Book In: Ascend Yoga Therapy

Yoga +

If it’s an advanced power class or a focus on levelling up your skills you are after, then Yoga + is your answer. Beautiful, light filled studios set the scene for strong flow classes that will regularly add in more advanced postures to play around with for attendees. The instructors are all dedicated Yogi’s who will help guide you through the offered modes of inversion and calisthetnics class. No stress if it's your first time on the mat, they also offer foundation classes suitable to beginners and will inspire you to keep up a regular practice.

Where: Chinatown + Arab Street

Book In: Yoga +

Yoga + PC:  @heyyogaplus

Yoga + PC: @heyyogaplus

Freedom Yoga

Freedom Yoga offers flow, power and Yin/Yang sessions in their loft style, sanctuary like studios in the CBD and Holland Village. With the option for both heated and non-heated classes, you can ignite some extra fire into your practice and enjoy the detoxing benefits if you so fancy. Suitable for the complete novice through the advanced Yogi, these sessions are uplifting, challenging and energizing, helping you leave your tensions behind on the mat before emerging back into your everyday life. 

Where: CBD + Holland Village

Book In: Freedom Yoga

Club Yoga

When you need a break from Vinyassa flows and Sun Salutations, check out Club Yoga where they offer a variety of hybrid Yoga classes that will let you take flight! With an aerial twist, you can try out Rope or Hammock Yoga – which assist in deepening flexibility, core connection and inversion practices – or open up the spine and heart space with a backhanding Wheel class. The experienced instructors help guide you through, with an uncanny ability to apply hands on assists exactly when you need it, in this serene and welcoming studio.

Where: Hong Kong Street

Book In: Club Yoga

Club Yoga PC:

Club Yoga PC:

Breathe Pilates

Breathe Pilates offers top quality group Reformer and Clinical Pilates that will have you lengthening, strengthening and conditioning your body like never before. Whether it's for rehab, postural alignment or building true, core strength, Reformer Pilates will increase your flexibility, build muscular endurance, enhance spinal mobility and completely reform your posture. As the STOTT Pilates training centre here in Singapore, you can be assured these are the best in biz to be guiding you through this intelligent exercise methodology.

Where: Various Locations

Book In: Breathe Pilates

Barre 2 Barre

There’s nothing quite like the burn from the pulses, tucks and holds in a barre class and Barre 2 Barre offer classes which leave you feeling the effects for days afterwards! With a strong focus on technique, alignment and activation, the team here offer traditional barre classes alongside interval style sessions – aimed to help you increase your cardio fitness levels as you grow your sculpted, lean physique.

Where: Hong Kong Street

Book In: Barre2Barre

Barre 2 Barre PC:  @_rosiehope

Barre 2 Barre PC: @_rosiehope

Want to try out some of these studios? Many are listed with Guava Pass, so you can trial and test where to workout in Singapore for yourself. To get $40 off your first month use this code!

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