Organic Home Delivery Service: Sasha's Fine Foods

Organic Home Delivery Service: Sasha's Fine Foods

Moving to a new country can be daunting. Moving to a new country when you have food intolerances and place high value on the integrity of your produce is doubly so. 

Anyone who has food allergies or dietary preferences can tell you, there is a certain level of anxiety that surrounds finding fresh produce, trialling restaurants or hitting up local spots - especially when you don’t want to miss out or isolate yourself from the best bits of a new culture. 

The search for trusted, organic produce

Upon arriving in Singapore one of the first things on the to-do list was scouting out all the major supermarkets and local amenities to suss out where we could find the high quality, organic produce I nourish my body with. The health and wellness scene here is exciting, there’s great food everywhere, mostly everyone lives a healthy, balanced lifestyle and the fitness scene is absolutely buzzing. But walking into any major food retailer or supermarket, the lack of transparency from suppliers about their products, plus the outrageous price of “organic” food tripped me up. 

Why the organic preference?

As someone who struggles with hormonal imbalances and digestive issues, I have to be particularly careful with the treatment and origins of my food before it lands on my plate. Excess hormones, pesticides and toxins are disrupters which easily wreck havoc on my endocrine and immune system. Therefore it is a choice I make to both place value on the assured quality of what enters my body and my social responsibility to the fair treatment of animals and the environment. 

Quickly it became evident it would be slightly more difficult to find food staples than just nipping to the local butcher down the road or cruising the local farmers market, particularly for sourcing animal products, that I trusted. As an import nation I was sure I would easily find organic produce, yet when searching for quality meats and fish, I was racked with confusion of their origins, if hormones or antibiotics used in production or how they were raised. 

Unsatisfied with the experience in-store, I set off to my good friend Google and ended up stumbling upon gold. 

Enter Sasha’s Fine Foods:

“We are guided by a set of simple philosophies which are rooted in understanding where our food comes from, ensuring it is as close to its natural state as possible and that it has been produced and delivered with care and respect for the animals, the environment and the individuals who bring it to us through every step of the supply chain.”

With a mission statement like that, I finally found I was onto something.

Born from the very same frustrations I experienced, Sasha’s Fine Foods began in 2008 with one product before expanding to a thriving online food company selling a range of high quality and ethically sourced products, delivered straight to your door. 

What sold me completely, is their quality assurance difference - Sasha will only sell products from suppliers she and the team has personally met and vetted. Check out the company Instagram and you will see she connects with trusted vendors who provide pure, quality food and genuinely care about animal welfare and the environment. Finally, I fully trusted in the produce I was able to receive. 

What's the deal?

Their signature product of meat and fish boxes offer couple or family size portions delivered straight to your front door full of the freshest and best produce available on the day of delivery. Think lamb and salmon from New Zealand, beef from Australia and pork from England - whatever your flavour, you can trust the quality coming to your kitchen. With options to either choose a pre-determined box (meat, fish or a combo of the two) or to mix & match across their products, you can easily pick out exactly what your diet and nutritional preferences need. All bases covered with their products here, from the supplies for your next BBQ, to lamb racks for a luxxy Sunday dinner, or beef strips for a quick and easy stir fry. The real winner though, is their fish selection. My time in the UK had actually made me forget just how flavoursome and delicious fresh fish is! My absolute fave is the New Zealand salmon, which not only is sashimi grade but if you time it correctly, you can have it delivered the day it arrives into the country (That's a Thursday PS). 

Arriving either frozen or fresh, these boxes will stock you up with exactly what you need. Plus they have a whole selection of pantry essentials, cheeses (that burratta…), wines and every bloggers fave, Acai. 

Since we landed we have been mixing around a small meat & fish box ($140) and this provides us enough for a working weeks worth of dinners for two humans who really, really, like to eat. 

100% Recommend

I whole heartedly cannot recommend Sasha’s enough - they have made it ridiculously simple to source produce that I truly trust, which not only tastes delicious but is fuelling my body for performance and recovery. 

Cost - 9/10- organic produce is always a little more expensive, but in comparison to what this would retail in a supermarket- it’s an absolute deal!

Taste - 10/10 everything we have had has been amazing and bursting with flavour.

Service - 10/10 from the ordering process, to chatting to the service team on the phone, to receiving our boxes from the very chatty and lovable drive, the customer service is flawless.

Quality - 10/10 you won't find a better, trusted source to provide you with your produce on the island!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I just cannot recommend this service enough!

Image c/o Instagram: @sashasfinefoods 

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