Cinque Terre

Ah, the Cinque Terre - those five idyllic fishing villages perched on the rugged Italian Riviera that pack your Instagram feed each summer. Beautiful hiking trails, Aperol by the seaside and full-on Italian charm, what's not to love?!

Lake Como

In the middle of Northern Italy's Lombardy region you can find Lake Como - if the name doesn't sound familiar, perhaps its reputation as a playground for the wealthy will. Set at the foothills of the Alps, it is known for it's breathtaking and dramatic views as the mountains roll down to the waters edge where idyllic, jewel coloured towns dot the coastline.


A go-to destination for short trips or long weekends when you are craving both a metropolitan atmosphere and a sun-drenched Spanish escape, Barcelona is a perfect compromise of city and salty seaside. It isn't short of a tourist, but we uncovered some of the best local spots to eat, relax and sweat whilst you're there. 


For the longest time I’d bought into the reputation of Ibiza being a non-stop party island, filled with manic superclubs, £19 bottles of water, hungover, misbehaving tourists and tacky hangouts. As a European hotspot to check out, I’d decidedly given it the big "no thanks". Oh how it proved me wrong...


If your vibe is from gym to brunch, from shopping independat boutiques to hiking along beautiful islands, then you probably want to move to AKL. I mean, I kind of do...


Chasing some Scandi Vibes, this quick weekend trip was an early surprise birthday present for my second half and a bit of a whirlwind! The city had received some early snow in the weeks prior and was still freezing cold by the time we arrived, which meant we had to spend more time indoors enjoying coffee, eating and shopping - which illicit no complaints from me!


With just 36 hours in Paris and the fact both my boyfriend and I have spent time previously in the city this trip was less about running to all of the tourist spots and more about leisurely immersing ourselves in the city, people watching and eating & drinking like the locals.

TravelFit Guide: Northern Croatia

Often I hear that travel isn’t conducive to a fitness regime. However, I strongly argue this isn’t the case, instead it just requires some modifications, imagination and creativity to explore & make the most out of your surroundings. In a bid to reaffirm this belief, I set out to train in a variety of ways in each location of the adventure around Northern Croatia.

Northern Croatia

Recently I headed off for a week long adventure around Northern Croatia. It was a family affair, with my ever wanderlusting parents who are visiting from Australia(no wonder I’m a traveller) & very patient boyfriend joining for a few days. So with just us, a trusty hire car, a somewhat deceptive GPS and the windy, hectic European roads we ventured around some of the lesser known parts of this beautiful region.

The Chilterns

A quick escape from city life is often called for, especially for this Earth-vibing girl, and with The Chilterns being less than an hour away, they seemed the perfect place for an overnight stay to get some fresh country air and a dosage of country walks, pubs and activities, the only thing missing really was the requisite dog to be a true local.