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TravelFit: Perth Full Body Workout

TravelFit: Perth Full Body Workout

On a simmering hot Summers day, high up in Kings Park overlooking the beautiful City of Perth, I smashed out this Full Body HIIT Workout, which is the perfect quick & effective, heart-rate raising, sweat session for when you want to train and then enjoy your holidays. 

All of the exercises are compound movements, using combinations to recruit large muscles groups whilst simultaneously targeting smaller muscles for a smarter whole body training method.

The Exercises

1.  X Jumps

 Moving from a lunge with the Right leg forward jump into the air and land with the legs in a wide, deep squat. From here propel into the air again to land into a lunge with the Left leg forward. Jump back into the squat and keep alternating the forward leg of the lunge.

Watch out for the tracking of the knees to remain parallel and avoid deviating.

2. Side Shuffle + Tricep Burpee

Starting in a  low squat, take 4 shuffles to the Right, drop down into a Burpee with a Tricep Push Up (Elbows close to the body) as you return back up, come to the low squat and shuffle back to the Left before repeating the Tricep Burpee. 

Watch out for staying low in the squat and really activating the side of the hips + glutes for Booty Burn!

3. Single Leg Pendulum Hops

Standing on the Left leg with the Right knee lifted towards the chest, drive the right leg back whilst hingeing the body forward so you are in one long line, reaching the the right hand towards the ground for counterbalance support. As you bring the body back upright, bring the knee back towards the chest, drive through the left heel and jump into a single leg hop.

Watch out for keeping the abdominals engaged so that you don't collapse into the lower back and let the core go. You want to stay active and controlled in the centre always!

4. Commandos + Frog Squat

Starting in a high plank position, lower one forearm down at a time, leading from the Right, to come to low plank, then bring yourself up one hand at a time to return to high plank. From here, jump the feet to the outside of the hands, sitting the hips down low into a Frog Squat, before jumping the legs back out to find the full high plank position again. Repeat leading from the Left forearm. 

Watch out for lifting the booty up into the arm in the plank, you want to stay in one long line from head to heels, with the core lifted and engaged and the lower back in a Neutral position.

5. Mountain Climbers + Double Tuck Jump

In high plank position, bring one knee towards the chest - keeping the foot hovering off the ground- before returning it to plank and switching legs. You want to have a running action in the legs with a fluid, controlled pace. Repeat for 10 repetitions before jumping the feet between the hands, pushing through the heels and jumping into a high tuck jump - bringing the knees close into the chest and heels towards the glutes. Return to a squat and up into a second tuck jump before lowering back to the ground and jumping the legs back to plank to repeat the mountain climbers.

Watch out for the alignment of the knees and ankles and you jump in and up into the tuck jumps. You want soft landings and a nice high lift of the body away from the ground!

The HIIT Concept

The concept of the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) here is simple: 45 seconds of work to 15 seconds of rest. This utilises maximum energy burn with sufficent rest to recover oxygen and glycogen levels, without dipping the Heart Rate too low between sets. Upon completing the 5 exercises, take 1 full minutes rest before moving through the circuit again. 

For beginners: 2-3 Rounds

For intermediates: 3-4 Rounds

For advanced: 4-5 Rounds

The Workout in Action

Shout out to my Mama who shot this video for me when I interrupted our lovely stroll around the Parklands to train!

Wearing: Lululemon Tights & Tank, Adidas Ultra Boost kicks, Sweaty Betty Crop