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The Best Reformer Pilates Studios in Perth

The Best Reformer Pilates Studios in Perth

Reformer Pilates is having a real moment in Perth currently – where there has been a consistent rise in the number of new studios opening, existing studios branching out their empires and new instructors flocking to teacher trainings. 

The laid-back pace of the city just seems to vibe off neighbourhood boutique studios, which are packed to the brim with "hundreds"-loving locals, who don their best activewear, get their cores engaged, butts lifted and shoulders opened, before dashing across the road for coffee or brunch to refuel post-class.

Perth is a rare place where people just get Pilates.

There seems to be a collective understanding that this mindful movement workout will get you the results you are looking for. Perhaps without the option of attending the high-intensity, high-end nightclub style studios, ala Soul Cycle, Rise Nation or Barry’s Bootcamps (which are favoured in the bigger, high density cities around the globe) the people of Perth actually appreciate, indulge and develop the practice of Pilates.

PC: Instagram/@thepilateslab_perth

PC: Instagram/@thepilateslab_perth

Reformer Pilates is the favoured niche for the mindful movement fans here.

It is the piece of specialist equipment that can get you results, in both strength and length, quickest due to the unique balance of challenge and support that the variety of spring loading and adjustments offers.

With so many options of Pilates studios dotted around the Perth neighbourhoods and most at affordable prices - particularly with the inclusion and availability of many studios on ClassPass – we trialled out the best in the metro area so you know where to book in.

The Pilates Lab

Scarborough + North Fremantle

This space is serious #interiorgoals and has all you could want from a boutique workout studio. Gorgeous plant-filled, light and airy studios, which ooze a zen like calm, Kombucha by the door for post-class refreshment and above all, some of the top quality, authentic Pilates instruction in town.

The Reformer classes here are embedded with Pilates knowledge, but hit that perfect balance of providing challenge, engagement and motivation throughout. Here, the method will begin to make sense in your body, as the team know how to get you to activate and work with a focus on technicality. You will constantly be trying out new exercises or variations, keeping your brain switched on and muscles guessing, whilst being supported to cultivate your own mindful body awareness and understanding of the practice.

The true speciality of the Pilates Lab team, led by owner Pam, is their commitment to providing an education and coaxing out results from your body as they guide your Pilates journey from absolute beginner to advanced practitioner. And it must be working, as they have a following of dedicated, loyal clients who can’t seem to stay away!

Don’t be fooled by the smiling faces of the instructors though, they have invested a lot of time in developing their practice and skills, which is evident in their specific, accurate cueing, and are guaranteed to make even the most advanced client shake with their sequencing.

Nestled into two locations for beach loving Perthians, Scarborough and North Fremantle, both studios are constantly bustling with local, regular Pilates and fitness devotees, so you need to book in quick for your favourite times.

Bonus tip: If you are wanting to elevate your Pilates further, try a 1-1 studio session in the stunning, fully equipped studio space in Scarborough.


PC: Instagram/ @thepilateslab_perth

PC: Instagram/@thepilateslab_perth


Pilates Centre WA

East Fremantle

Tucked amongst the bustling boutiques and cafes of George St in a hidden corner of East Fremantle, you can find the Pilates Centre WA, where owner Trudy and her team of instructors are shaping up the south of the river locals with their dynamic, yet technical, reformer classes.

Recently expanding to include the second storey of their building, the two light-drenched studios, facilitate group reformer and 1-1 sessions with a mixture of beginner to advanced classes and speciality sessions, including the favoured Brazillian Butts & Thighs – think Reformer Pilates amplified with added ankle weights and long, loaded sequences that will have you questioning how to walk downstairs the next day. 

Armed with their exceptional knowledge and innovative variations of exercises to get you targeting all those weak spots, the team here are warm, welcoming and absolutely hilarious – that Pilates pain is lessened (somewhat) by the jokes, stories and friendly comraderie built between the instructors and their clients in small, intimate classes.

Plus, if you needed any further proof that you can have a killer body from Pilates, just take class with Trudy, the glamorous queen of Pilates, who in her 60s has a physique honed to perfection and will be able to out-pulse you any day. Be quick though, the smaller class sizes fill up quickly due to their long-standing reputation as offering some of the best classes in the area.

Bonus tip: Enjoy browsing the fashion boutiques (don’t miss Savvy Brands) along the street and drop by George St Quarters for your post-class refuel.


PC: Instagram/@pilatescentrewa

PC: Instagram/@pilatescentrewa


Lifestyle Boom Pilates


Conveniently located right at junction of Subiaco and Leederville, Lifestyle Boom offers fun, upbeat classes with some guaranteed extra kick to have you breezing out the door feeling lengthened and strengthened. As you are welcomed into the street front studio by a super friendly team, the reformers are quickly claimed by a regular and dedicated clientele who definitely know their way around a machine. Newbies don’t be put off if this is your first time to class though, the instructors here are talented and capable of helping you out to provide modifications as you need.

The Lifestyle Boom team has successfully devised classes that find that often tricky balance point of dynamic and flowing, whilst still providing the space and time to find the subtle nuances and engagement needed to conquer the mindful activation of Pilates practice. The time will fly by as you move around the machine working your body in every which way and plane, with some challenging options, clever imagery and attention to detail for each individual. 

This buzzing studio is often the chat of the town in wellness and workout circles, and also happens to be favoured by numerous "Perthonalities" who frequent the studio to get their core-engagement fix. 



Core Focus Pilates

Subiaco, Nedlands + North Beach

The newly established Core Focus Pilates studios brings a new wave of Reformer Pilates that takes a Pilates knowledge base, adds a fitness focus and guarantees a dynamic workout.

With more of a “boot camp” style, this studio offers a format of classes that is similar to the Pilates offering in big cities abroad (looking at you London/New York) where Reformer Pilates is used as an all in one, efficient workout to get you sweating, toned and seeing long, lean results. With two studios already up and running within their first year, and a third opening soon –all within the Western suburbs – this style of class is already proving popular with locals. 

Utilising the reformer as a tool to shape up your physique, in these 45 minute classes you can expect a strong workout, where you’ll face many, many, many repetitions which turns up the intensity via constant time under tension. The team of instructors will whip you into shape, hitting those target areas of the butt, thighs and triceps that Pilates can expertly tone, and of course, they always includes a strong core focus. It is here you will definitely have those moments of loving, but loathing your instructor, as your body is shaking and burning through their final, slow countdowns to release!

Even though the classes are dynamically, faster paced, the fundamentals remain rooted in the Pilates repertoire, so you will be coached to find the proper activation and engagement needed before rushing into movement. Plus lovely team of instructors can provide an array of challenge levels and modifications so you can push yourself or pull back as needed.


PC: Instagram/ @corefocuspilatesaus

PC: Instagram/ @corefocuspilatesaus


Essence Pilates and Bodyworks

South Perth

For those in the South Perth area or commuting in and out of the city, Essence Bodyworks and Pilates is the studio for you. Here, the reputable and experienced team of instructors set about helping you to redefine yourself – using the reformer to help you regain control, power, strength and flexibility so you can build a sleek, toned body – free from injury and pain, and brimming with confidence.

The super welcoming Essence team are armed with a wealth of Pilates knowledge and can help anyone, from a complete novice to experienced Pilates lover, find a deeper understanding of both their own body and the method itself. The classes on offer are definitely challenging, leaving you sure to feel the burn the next day, but the variety, modifications and subtle imagery techniques to help you engage, ensure you get a full body workout within every session. 

Bonus tip: Bend over and notice those ankles are a little hairy? The studio also offers non-invasive laser and ultrasound treatments. Handy for getting two appointments ticked off in the same location!



Pure Moves


In the very heart of Cottesloe, you can find Pure Moves, a beautifully curated space with an expansive reformer studio for the golden triangle locals.

The intimate classes here are focused on attention to detail, with specific cueing, focus and imagery to help you understand the activation and engagement needed to get the most out of your reformer sessions. As you navigate your way around the Reformers, the spring-loaded sessions will hit the key Pilates principles of opening the body and strengthening the core. You should expect to experience a full body workout, as you pulse, squeeze and lift every part of your body imaginable (and even a few perhaps you didn't know existed!).

The instructors all bring their own little touch, interests and flavour to class and when we attended it was a perfect mix of restorative stretching and sweaty core work, with the beautiful Kylie, who wove some Yogi practice into the Reformer mix. As is always the case with great Pilates instructors, don’t be fooled by the friendly outward demeanour though, the small, micro adjustments and slow engagement exercises will have your deep core shaking and feeling worked when laughing the next day!


PC: Instagram/  @puremoves

PC: Instagram/ @puremoves

Have some other Pilates studios you think are amazing? Let us know in the comments below or on social. 



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