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Revivo Wellness Resort

Revivo Wellness Resort

There's a magical synchronicity in life, where sometimes just when you need it most an invitation lands in your inbox.  Feeling on the brink of burn-out (hey adrenal fatigue...) I was looking for ways to decrease my load and unwind, when I was fortuitously invited to attend a press trip at the recently opened Revivo Wellness Resort – a new breed of wellness retreat tucked amongst the green jungle and calming spirit of Bali.

Swiftly shuttled through Denpasar airport with priority transfer and chauffeured down to Nusa Dua, I emerged blinking into the expansive, white washed estate. Effusive with grounded energy stemming from the naturally monumental design of stone and wood highlights, sweeping lawns, cascading bougainvillea and ancient teak surrounding the property.

Sitting in the art-deco poolside bar, sipping on a welcome green juice, watching the white canopies of the pool cabanas blowing in the gentle breeze, a weight lifted off my shoulders, and just like the meaning of the resort, yes I do feel like I will live again.

Explore Revivo Wellness Resort

Unlike your typical fitness or weight-loss retreat, Revivo places great emphasis on mind-body healing, offering fully immersive retreat packages or ala carte stays, bespoke designed for the specific needs and desires of your body and mind. Placing equal emphasis on mindful movement activities, spa treatments and culinary sesnsations from the wellness kitchen, lifelong holistic health is at the very core of the Revivo experience.

The Estate

With just 16 private Balinese-style suites across 3 main villas, including two 4-suite villas available for private hire equipped with their own pool, facilities and butlers, the space is expansive and exclusive, allowing you to effectively retreat from other guests amongst the three-hectare estate. With modern, sleek features, luxurious amenities and the requisite Balinese four poster bed, each suite features a deep sunken bath overlooking your own private garden, outdoor rainfall shower and private balcony daybed, offering extensive relaxation spaces for you to recuperate within.

Anti-Ageing and Longevity Retreat

The three-day programme officially commences the week prior to the sigh-inducing arrival, with a thorough pre-arrival questionnaire required for the perusal of resident wellness consultant – Kathy Cook. Taking a thorough health and lifestyle background, a general aspect of your current state of health and needs to retreat from urban life becomes ascertained. Once on-site, an initial consultation with the equally effervescent and soothing wellness coach provides the opportunity to discuss these findings, followed by a facial skin mapping session and body composition scan. This then forms the foundation of the treatments, fitness classes, mindfulness practices and nutritional menu that will be tailored specifically for you in the days to come. You’ll leave the session with a custom purposed retreat journal, where alongside daily tracking and reflective writing entries, you can find wellness recipes, mindful practices and inspiration to help transition your return and implement into your everyday life, post-retreat!

With a particular focus on anti-ageing and longevity, much of the emphasis of this three-day retreat was on lowering blood pressure, aiding digestion and enhancing sleep – all aspects of health and wellbeing that are truly beneficial at every age!

A Day At Revivo

The day begins with a gentle 7:30am wake up call from a beaming, elegantly dressed private butler, offering a trio of wake up shots. Throwing back the astringent lemon and salt cleanser, traditional Jamu mix of turmeric and coconut oil and a chaser of gut-friendly kombucha, it’s the healthier way to rev up the digestive system than your traditional espresso shot for sure!

From here, it’s a rotating schedule of movement and refuelling, with two mindful movement practices dotted between a nourishing menu of breakfast and lunch, before an afternoon treatment at the exceptional Remisso spa. In between all, there’s plenty of time to unwind by one of the many pools – where rest assured there will be no fights over sun loungers or pool cabanas – to relax amongst the spa facilities or to have a quiet moment on your private daybed balcony. Taking an early dinner at the outside lounge, as the sun dips low over the Nusa Dua hills, it’s time to take an early retreat to your private suite, where an evening mindfulness practice is placed helpfully on your bed and a soothing bath awaits.

Upon the suggestion of Cook, I refrained – where possible – to ignore the siren call of my digital devices after bedtime, opting instead for some journaling, made possible by the provided retreat journal, and quiet reflective time.


The menu at Revivo would certainly be reason in itself to visit the resort. Engaging the culinary prowess of Aliwalu, the Spanish “Vital Chef” the focus on food here is on serving ingredients as close to their natural state as possible – celebrating vibrant, organic and balanced meals. With the entirety of the menu being gluten and preservative free, focused on high-protein and low carbohydrate options, most offerings are plant-based and all delight in their high vibrational energy. Whilst each menu is tweaked based on the individual’s nutritional consult, Aliwalu devised six main meal plans to align with the immersive retreat packages, effectively aiding the entire thematic purpose of each retreat ­– knowing nutrition is a major contributor to the energy, hormonal and digestive systems.

Specifically for anti-ageing, we nourished with grounding roots, softly cooked leafy greens, acidic fruit platters, nutrient dense broths and heart-friendly wild fish. Coffee and alcohol, whilst on the menu and certainly available, are recommended to be avoiding to fully reap the benefits of the retreat experience. I must admit, as someone who loves the ritual of coffee, this was a challenge to take on, and whilst I did experience a few detoxing headaches, it was an excellent kick-start to reduce my daily caffeine intake – which I’m managing to keep up upon my return to routine.


A true lover of all kinds of bodywork, I must admit, I was most excited about experiencing the gold class standard treatments from the Remissio Spa, where within the 5 double bed treatment rooms, each featuring their own outdoor bath, a menu of treatments designed to revitalise the body and spirit are undertaken. Attended to by exceptionally skilled and qualified staff (one technican was even a clinical midwife, a reassuring fact for all mothers-to-be) the body is thoroughly pampered, allowing the physical tensions and trauma held in the body to release, while offering ample opportunity for the mind to relax. With a selection of treatments recommended within your retreat package, I was treated to a rejuvenating facial, revitalising body massage and coffee scrub and wrap, effectively ensuring the body was cared for, head to toe.

The spa additionally boasts recovery facilities which enhance your total wellbeing. With a hydro-powered Vichy shower, tension releasing and sensory deprivation salt-water floating pool, detoxing infrared sauna, longevity boosting hot/cold plunge pools, and relaxing Jacuzzi, there was an open invitiation to give yourself all the self-care possible whilst on-site!


Engaging the philosophy of mindful movement practices, Revivo is home to numerous multi-functional fitness spaces, including yoga and meditation studios, a Pilates studio, fully-equipped gym, outdoor aerial yoga space and sweeping lawn for outdoor group class, the menu of fitness pursuits is seemingly limitless. From ancient healing practices, to sweat-inducing, heart-rate lifting boxing sessions, restorative Yoga, strengthening Pilates or a highly entertaining aqua-mat class (where you’ll work out your core just as much from laughing at yourself as you will from challenging your balance!), there’s a style, and type of workout suitable for every taste.

Each day of the programme includes 2-3 mindful movement classes – varying in discipline most appropriate to the retreat you are on – however the wonderful staff are adept at assisting in changing to suit your preferences where possible. In these early stages, the facilities and intentions of the movement offering outshone the level of instruction and engagement from the fitness team. In comparison to the exceptional quality of the kitchen and spa the movement category did fall slightly short, however I am convinced the Revivo team is on a mission to enhance this category swiftly, ensuring their fitness offering is on par with the exceptional standard of the rest of the resort.

Three Day Reset

After just three days, I left Revivo feeling like an entirely new person. My digestion was the best it’s been in years, there was no more evening bloated belly, my energy was uplifted, stress had escaped and my anxiety was at bay. Again, the physical effects of just how astutely slowing down beneficially impacts my body in a short window of time, made me realise it is something I need to implement as a lifelong holistic health shift, even when life at home gets busy! Additionally, I’ve been inspired to continue exploring plant-based nutrition as the optimal way to nourishing fuel my body.

For the discerning traveller looking for a luxurious escape to revitalise mind, body and spirit, I wholeheartedly recommend the impeccable experience at Revivo Wellness Resorts. 

Revivo Wellness Resort offers luxurious, tailor-made retreat experiences amidst the breezy hills of Nusa Dua, Bali. Translating to “I’ll live again”, the estate focuses on nourishing mind, body and spirit through healing food, mindful movement practices and an exceptional spa. Bali is the first location for Revivo Wellness Resorts, it will soon be followed by the Revivo Wellness Cruise, Komodo Islands and Revivo Chataeu de Fiac, France.

This retreat was a gifted media trip for other freelance writing commitments – however all views are my own. 

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