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Cinque Terre

Ah, the Cinque Terre - those five idyllic fishing villages perched on the rugged Italian Riviera that pack your Instagram feed each summer. Beautiful hiking trails, Aperol by the seaside and full-on Italian charm, what's not to love?!


A go-to destination for short trips or long weekends when you are craving both a metropolitan atmosphere and a sun-drenched Spanish escape, Barcelona is a perfect compromise of city and salty seaside. It isn't short of a tourist, but we uncovered some of the best local spots to eat, relax and sweat whilst you're there. 


For the longest time I’d bought into the reputation of Ibiza being a non-stop party island, filled with manic superclubs, £19 bottles of water, hungover, misbehaving tourists and tacky hangouts. As a European hotspot to check out, I’d decidedly given it the big "no thanks". Oh how it proved me wrong...