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The top 5 best running routes in Perth

The top 5 best running routes in Perth

If there is one thing Perth is not short of - it's picturesque backdrops for outdoor activities. Regardless of whether you love or loathe running, when you pair the cardio workout with the general amazing weather of the city and the incredible scenery of the riverside and coastline, lacing up and getting out the door literally becomes a run in the park...

With so many scenic locations to get those miles in, we've raced the pack to choose our top 5 best running routes in Perth.

On your marks...

Bicton Riverside - Quarantine Park to Pt. Walter

Distance: 5km

Vibe: Riverside with a hilly bush track add on

There’s a sense of tranquillity as you cruise along the quiet neighbourhood riverside in Bicton at the start of this run. With plenty of dog-walkers and friendly locals, it’s a pretty picturesque scene along the flat before you head into the Blackwell Reach bush track. With a few steep hills through the thick native bushland you can break off to check out the scenic views off the high cliff edges that line the track and then continue all the way to reach the grassy hills of Pt. Walter. Have a coast around the bottom of the reserve (check out the sandy spit extending across the river to Mosman Bay) before turning around to loop back. Keep your eye out for some friendly, chatty galahs and parrots swinging around the trees as you inhale the smell of fresh lemon scented gums and eucalyptus along the way!

Bonus Tip: Add on some hills sprints up the Quarantine Park hill for a lung-bursting finisher!

PC: Instagram/ @ junhonlow

PC: Instagram/ @junhonlow

Coastal Run - Leighton to Cottesloe 

Distance: 9km

Vibe: Stunning seaviews

Taking in all of the best beaches Perth has to offer, the run path starting from Leighton Beach and winding all the way along to the iconic Cottesloe Beach, truly shows off the best of WA. With a relatively flat path the whole way, you will likely join a whole mix of locals who love getting a sweat on in the salty, fresh air along this very popular pathway. Need to cool off after? Jump straight in to the ocean and rinse away those miles!

Bonus Tip: Add on a little extra workout with some bodyweight or strength work at one of the outdoor gyms set up along this coastal route.

PC: Instagram/  @amandabisk

PC: Instagram/ @amandabisk

Applecross Foreshore

Distance: 8km

Vibe: Riverside with sweeping city views

This is a nice, flat, local route which has some of the best views looking back towards the city across the Swan River. Taking off from Tompkins on Swan (Alfred Cove) follow the riverside path along the large grassy reserve before cruising around the boardwalk (checking out all the amazing houses along the way) and finding one of the best views of the city at Applecross Jetty. Continuing a little further, you’ll head up to Heathcote Reserve, where you can add on a little hill or stair sprint to reach the top, before turning around and looping back. Pockets of the river along the way are favourites for wind and kite surfers, so if a breeze is up, expect to have to dig a little deeper into the tank to push against that resistance coming off the water!

Bonus Tip: Snag the golden hour for a quick snap in front of the city skyline mid-run!

PC: Instagram/  @triphazard_photography

The Bridges

Distance: 10km

Vibe: City run along the Swan River foreshore

One of the most popular routes to run in Perth, this loop showcases city views and takes in some of the cultural highlights dotted along the riverside. Taking off and finishing back at McCallum Park in South Perth, you can run the loop in either direction and still be blown away by the scenery. As you hug the river the whole way around you’ll have views of the city skyline and Kings Park, before you cruise pass the newly finished Elizabeth Quay, Bell Tower, check out the lights of the WACA and sneak glimpses of the Crown Towers.

Bonus Tip: Sprint across the bridge portions to add some Fartlek Intervals into this long-distance route.

PC: Instagram/  @run_your_style

PC: Instagram/ @run_your_style

Jacobs Ladder

Distance: 242 steps

Vibe: Stair runs with a view

Whilst you may loathe stair runs, you can’t argue that they get you results quick, accelerating your cardio stamina and providing that fat-burning HIIT! If you’re going to put yourself through the torture of sprinting upstairs anywhere – then let it be here, where once you reach the top you’ll be able to catch your breath amongst the scenery of Kings Park and look out over Perth City. These stairs are exceptionally popular and get crowded at peak times, so try to head up at sunrise, mid-morning or late afternoon to avoid the rush. Challenge yourself to see how many sets you can do and and fight to regain your breath once you hit that peak.

Bonus Tip: Had enough of the stairs? Continue through Kings Park to try taking on the Kokoda Trail.

PC: Instagram/ @ brightsuzanne

PC: Instagram/ @brightsuzanne

Cover image PC: Instagram/@run_your_style

Know some other scenic running routes in Perth? Let us know in the comments below or on our social!

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