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5 Hacks to Happiness

5 Hacks to Happiness

Sometimes you just need a quick hack to boost your mood and bring about feelings of happiness. Regardless of the circumstances, these are a few tricks to help you instantaneously uplift that depend only upon yourself.

Go on, build your own happiness, right now!

1. Three Silver Linings

This one helps curb the negative downward spiral of self-talk that can accumulate, sometimes spinning out of control, when you feel overwhelmed or a little blue. Think of three positive outcomes, that have or will, result because of a recent situation - even if the situation itself isn't favorable.

Look for the silver linings in those dark clouds.

Then minimize those three linings down to a single word for each, repeat - either aloud or in your mind, as a mantra, for a few minutes while taking a few calm breaths. This will help refocus and build positivity into your mind!

2. Sweat

Always my favourite remedy to boost some happiness and unlock endorphins is getting a real sweat on. Make sure you move in a way that you love, remember exercise is not a punishment, but rather a luxury of being able to connect into your body and explore its capabilities!

Dance, run, lift weights, go to class, walk outdoors - whatever your vibe is, get moving and feel great after!

3. Aromatherapy

The power of scent is not to be overlooked in the quest to building a well & mindful lifestyle. Essential oils effect different areas of the brain to stimulate response, such as hormone production or inciting a memory recall. They can also direct your focus instantly so you can leap into a happier mindset.

Citrus blends tend to be more uplifiting to boost positivity, however it is important to find a scent that calls to you or may remind you of a happy time. A small drop of an oil in your bath or shower, a dab of your wrist or pulse points, or diffused into your room/workspace is an easy way to transport you to a happier place!

4. Shake it off

Probably best to do this one in an isolated space so as to not be met with some confused faces of those around you, literally shaking your body is a powerful way to release tensions and stagnant energy. This action awakens your Qi or energy and forces you to let go of any bad shit that may have built up!

You may feel silly, but give yourself a good old shake out, through the limbs, your core, your extremities - there is no right or wrong, just find your rhythm and shake it off!

5. Laugh

Laughter has been proven to be good for your health, building immunity & fighting disease and thiscomes as little surprise, the areas of your brain relating to happiness light up when you laugh. Therefore this seems like an easy hack to link you to a happier self!

However sometimes it can be hard to get a laugh going, but even if its forced, think of a funny moment or experience, watch a funny video or show, and give yourself a chuckle, trying to get it going so you have a real laugh out loud moment.

Remember its contagious and it grows, the more you try, the more you laugh!

Try these hacks and see how you can change your mood with a simple happiness trick!

Rosie xx


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