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A Rosie-tinted world

A Rosie-tinted world

Well Hello!

Thanks for somehow landing on this page – this space – my own little corner of the web!

This blog is an expansion of my website relating to my career as a Pilates Instructor, yet explores the world I’m immersed in, my 'Rosie World'. Be that a little bit of Pilates, Fitness or Wellness knowledge I wish to impart, something delicious I’ve been eating, a new studio or craze I’ve checked out or just a general ramble that you may not necessarily be interested in, but hey it’s there if you are!

I thought a good place to start may be just to offer up 5 things about myself- not necessarily related to Pilates or Wellness that may not be found elsewhere on this site. Just so you may get to know me a tiny bit better!

1. I’ve always loved talking & having discussions with my friends, clients and strangers.  I have a flair to be slightly over dramatic when telling stories, and have been told I should be on a reality show more times than I can now count. I blame all of this on the fact I was placed in dance classes at age 3 and since then have quite enjoyed having the spotlight...

2. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I get hugely involved (read: obsessed) with everything I do, and for me, this means I get emotionally immersed into all experiences, in a major way. I was once told I’m an empath and this really stuck with me – whilst I don't neccessarily believe I am paranormal (eeek!), I do find I take on a lot of other people’s emotions and feelings on top of my own. Perhaps it is this empathy that led me to wanting to help others within my career.

3. I was fortunate and blessed to grow up on the beautiful beaches of Australia. My childhood revolved around long summers spent with my family & friends on the beach & winters that when we would brave going in to body surf the ocean waves or just walk along beautiful coastlines.  It was an incredible upbringing and means I am a huge water baby (A.K.A Mermaid). In the three months leading up to my most recent return to the UK I made a promise that I would go to “my” beach every day - even if just to dive in the water and jump back in my car to race to work. In this vein, being surrounded by nature is beyond important to my sanity & lifestyle. Which is a slight issue as I live within such a big city! To try and reduce the stress my body often feels within the city rush, I find myself “Earthing” – which is where I try to connect to the Earth by bare feet or hands, to draw in some of the energy and rebalance myself.

4. I am completely obsessed with crystals and the powers of crystal healing. I love to know that different crystals will help you through certain periods. I adore going into places where I can get a new one, by it being "called" to me - by what I need, not necessarily by choice! I have a small collection that goes everywhere I go. Currently my favourite is Ruby in Fuchsite – which I got in a tiny little store in a place very dear to me, Bridgetown, (4 hours South West out of Perth) and the lady in the store had me in tears as she told me the reason I had chosen it was because my heart needed to find a way to open itself back to the world. Special times.

5. And lastly I simply adore travelling. I have severe wanderlust and itchy feet! Having the opportunities to see and explore different parts of the world, meet new and fascinating people and be completely immersed in another culture, has undoubtedly shaped the person I am today.  Not only do I love travelling, but I also love living in new cities and countries. I first moved away from home when I was 19, when I moved to New York. From there my next move was London, where I am living & working again now, with stints back to Perth in between & also a short summer spent in Paris.  I am unsure if I will ever feel settled anywhere again. Home to me is now wherever I am, rather than a specific place, and I have people who are my friends & family spread across this globe. There are so many places I still want to explore & I’m really excited to get ticking a few off my list soon!!

So there we have it. 5 little facts about me, so you can feel like you know me just a little bit more!

Rosie xx

Can you Chill?

Can you Chill?