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The best podcasts of 2017

The best podcasts of 2017

In the current age of digital media obsession, Podcasts are quickly becoming a favoured medium and in 2017 as their popularity rises higher than ever before, Forbes is reporting that at least 112 million Americans have listened to Podcasts and 67 million engaging monthly. As we become exhausted from our screens, but still desperate to stay connected to relevant topics, news and human stories, Podcasts are now a favoured form in which brands and influencers can intimately connect with their audiences.  

Looking for something to tune in to? These are our picks of the best Podcasts covering a breadth of topics from healthy living, success stories, career advice, holistic health and empowerment. 

MamaMia - Out Loud + No Filter

The MamaMia Network has had a steady rise to become the worlds number one female podcast network and for good reason, with 14 different shows, there is literally a podcast for everything and everyone in there - from parenting to wellness, binge tv recaps to what women are talking about. Top favourites and subscribed channels included the flagship podcast MamaMia Out Loud and Mia Freedman's (MamaMia Founder) No Filter. Though each very different - Out Loud features three different generational panelists discussing a range of topics affecting women that week, whilst No Filter is in an intimate interview format – both are thought provoking and engaging, leaving you with a sense that you are chatting with your closest girlfriends as you process current affairs and events. 

Girl Boss Radio

Hosted by the ultimate girl crush with an impressive resume, Sophia Amorosu - founder of GirlBoss Media, creative founder of Nasty Gal, Author of Girl Boss and Nasty Galaxy – who is a total badass babe. With a mission to help us redefine success and highlight female empowerment, she interviews a range of influential, interesting and inspirational ladies as they chart their pathway to finding "success", as it means to them today. Amorosu herself has had an interesting year, declaring bankruptcy from her first business NastyGal, to setting out to create GirlBoss Media, she defines tenacity and drive - and the conversations sparked between her and fellow #GirlBosses offers a unique insight into the hustle, dreams and gritty hard work that has helped these women climb to the top of their games. There's insight, thoughtful conversation and inspiration provided the whole way through. 

Women Of The Hour

Lena Dunham is one of those women who is labelled as "Polarising". Public opinion tends to be split into two camps of "love" her or "hate" her and her podcast, Women Of The Hour - in its second series now - is as comical, thought provoking, unfiltered and feminist as you would expect. With an ever rotating panel of guests discussing work, the body, love & sex and friendship, in this series Dunham eloquently explores the context of being a woman today, including challenging social standards and exploring body positivity, whilst still engaging a real, down to earth approach to her own experiences. It's basically Girls in podcast form, so if you’re a fan, tune in. 

TED Radio Hour

This one probably needs no introduction to most, from the TED team and NPR comes TED Radio Hour  an extensive and curated selection of TED talks which is produced alongside interviews, discussion and debates which takes you on a journey of ideas, innovations and creations. This is a go-to when you need some inspiration, are looking for some opinion raising dinner topics or are craving some mental stimulation via the airwaves. 

The Balanced Blonde - Soul On Fire

The Balanced Blonde Podcast hosted by Jordan Younger (of The Balanced Blonde) brings about deep and insightful conversations across a range of topics including wellness, spirituality and holistic living. This one is a little more "woo-woo", but in true balanced style, also offers career advice, success stories and healthy lifestyle tips along the way. There's interviews, solo episodes and personal insight, offering listeners a chance to deep dive into topics such as alternative healing modalities and learn from specialist practitioners who believe in manifesting a high vibe, extraordinary life for yourself. Prepare to get inspired by the infectiously positive Younger and start living your best life!


MindBodyGreen are thought leaders in the media industry and cover anything and everything that relates to healthy living, wellness, spirituality and the environment. Recently launching their MBG Podcast series earlier this year, they feature in-depth conversations between MBG founder Jacob Wauchop and an array of experts, pioneers and entrepreneurs of the wellness and holistic health space. As a media site that has an audience of around 10 million, this podcast delivers on nabbing relevant, high profile guests and sparking insightful discussion on topics that truly affect the way we shape our lives and the world around us. 

Have any other favoured podcasts we have missed? Let us know in the comments below or on our social channels!

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