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The Fit Chill Out Retreat

The Fit Chill Out Retreat

I’ve toyed with the idea of going on retreat for many years and I'm not ashamed to say that was heavily influenced by a flooded social feed of sun drenched, sweaty bootcamps and devoted Yogis offering themselves to the practice in idllyic locations. Coincidentally I’ve also moved down a pathway of self-development, growth and awareness this year. I’ve researched a great deal about different methods, techniques and styles, whilst experiencing new modalities and holding space for changes.

It seemed like a synchronicity of the universe then when I was offered an opportunity to attend  The Fit Chill Out Retreat which focuses on both the body and mind. With a market niche of offering life coaching sessions, facilitated by registered life coach and psychologist Beata Justkowiak of Energising Goals, and the bonus of daily Yoga and fitness workouts, this retreat was the happy meeting of two of my passions!

Over seven days in beautiful Bali, I experienced a deep shift and transformation in my mind-set, gained invaluable insight and received a set of practical tools to re-energise my daily life. All of which made me realise that a retreat is more than just a great way to fill up your insta feed (though, #content!) and work out the body. It’s an opportunity to drastically remove yourself from your everyday life, place yourself in new circumstances and situations, and trigger responses to see how you respond when you are in a more relaxed mental state. Having the space, judgement-free environment and scope of time to take these steps, you see just how very different these can be from your usual ingrained, automatic behaviours when you are in the stress state at home. And I found out that, is exactly what Fit Chill Out founder Beata has set out to achieve.

Fit Chill Out

Fit Chill Out runs retreats as a lifestyle experience that fuses body and mind training so that you can unlock from the tension of everyday life, experience coaching workshops designed to lead you on a continued personal development pathway and undertake group workouts with a personal trainer (ours was the always incredible Cheryl Lin founder of Eat, Train, Love) or Yoga instructor. The retreats draw on a provocative coaching program established by Beata, called the Slow Life Workshop, which helps you create solutions for the problems you face and find ways to develop your own realizations of the objectives you set.

Each day is carefully designed with activities (hint: surfing is involved!), exercises or workshops that will have you opening up your mind and diving deep to analyse the insight that is drawn out from re-evaluating and assessing your life. But at the same time, you’re in beautiful Bali, unwinding from the stress and pressure of work, in a week dedicated to nourishing self-care and the space to tune in and reflect.

Fit Chill Out specifically selects locations to hold retreats that encourage a sense of calm, recuperation and relaxation. In Bali, that is The Chill House - an eco-friendly Villa Lodge, filled with tropical touches. From the delicious organic food and gorgeous Yoga Shala to the outdoor bathrooms complete with under the stars showers and the friendly, chatty travellers who pass through. It's a relaxing hideaway oasis with majorly good vibes!

The three elements

Too many retreats focus on just one element – be it training the body or slowing down. At Fit Chill Out the focus is on fitness, yoga and life coaching to reinforce the connections that exist between the mind and the body. This inclusion allows you to experiment, and even exhaust at times, both the body and mind. From this place you can see and feel how you function when there is a sense of equal weight balanced on both aspects of the self. Beata is interested in letting attendees see, feel and prove to themselves that they know how to make the mind and body work, even when they are exhausted or stressed – replicating ‘in paradise’ experiences, triggers or sensations that may arise back home in everyday life. This is exemplified through the life coaching element - as even though you are in a relaxed state, the inclusion of coaching often brings an internal pressure of feeling like you are have to figure out exactly what you are doing in your life...don't worry, you most certainly do not!

What is life coaching?

A life coach is an expert who helps you reach a goal or initiate a change in your life. Beata explains that a life coach is like a friendly guide, who supports you by offering different tools, tips and methods that will help you close the gap from where you are right now, to where you wish to be. Though a life coach will help you define, strategize, implement goals or changes, they will never offer advice. Rather they use an arsenal of exercises or methods to ensure you extract the answers and solutions from yourself.

“All the issues are within you, but so too are all the answers" - Beata Justkowiak

Ideally suited to those who have a sense of curiosity, are ready to dig deeper into their lives and explore new ways of being more productive, satisfied or effective, coaching can help with anything from self development and growth, to creating more balance or even how to ask for that next promotion. However, a coach will never be a motivator, so you need to be prepared to motivate yourself to ignite change. 

Beata’s edge is that as a registered psychologist she can also walk the fine line that exists between coaching and counselling. As many topics, such as self-acceptance, assertiveness and self-confidence, can touch closely on mental health issues (particularly for those individuals who are predisposed) this ensures an added layer of depth, safety and effectiveness to her coaching method, leading to even greater results.

Why we all need retreats

As we hurtle at lightning speed through our busy, chaotic lives, with barely enough time to remember to breathe, the reason we need retreats is simple – to have a quality break. Oftentimes when we get overwhelmed in the crushing pressure of to-do lists and too few hours in the day our answer is to book a holiday. Whilst invaluable for creating new experiences and memories as you expand your horizons and explore new cultures, holidays leave little time for quality unwinding and the space to dial inwards.

The invested time on retreat to tune in, reassess and re-evaluate where you are right now, how satisfied and present you feel in your life and how you are managing, takes the break to a whole new level. Life coaching workshops then equip you with the skills, tools and techniques that you can take back into your everyday life, enabling you to replicate the release and transformations you experienced into your regularly scheduled routine.

If you are already (or considering) undertaking life coaching, Beata explains that a retreat can be a intensive, yet effective way to ignite and see changes sooner. The in depth time and space devoted to coaching enables you to formulate and assimilate the ideas for more effective progress and tangible results. Plus, let's not forget, it is a week in paradise...

Slip Into The Slow Mode

One of the best aspects #retreatlife is in the slowing down. As we battle to grips with the pace of modern life, a retreat offers the chance to take it slow and recalibrate. The expanse of time and remote removal far from your usual stressors, allows the space to gain more insight and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness. As you reassess and readjust, evaluating your habits and reactions, you are presented with a chance to realign behaviours and focus forward into the future. From this place of alignment it is then possible to take a deep breath and pick the speed back up as you re-integrate into your everyday life.

Who Is It For?

It’s a misconception that you need to be woo-woo spiritual, on the brink of burnout or looking for a major life overhaul to benefit from life coaching and retreats. If you are willing, ready to be open to seeing, feeling and experiencing more, then this retreat will suit you. As you begin to experience, analyse and re-assess major aspects of your life, it is important to be ready to feel both comfortable, and completely uncomfortable at the same time. As cliché as it may be when they say “life exists outside your comfort zone”, here it couldn’t ring more true. A little discomfort as you truly begin to analyse aspects of your life is expected, however the shifts and results will far outweigh these momentary experiences.

What You Gain

At the end of seven days the body will be re-energized and revitalised, whilst the mind will have been thrust into the unknown and opened to perceive the unending options available to help you reach your full potential. Immediately you gain more variety in the way of knowledge, crucially about yourself and how you interact with the world.

However more importantly, when you leave the retreat, you’ll be packing your suitcase with the additional weight of all the practical tools you can take back into your everyday life. The methods, strategies and systems that can assist in the mental transformations, focus and clarity will begin rippling through and resonating to begin implementation into your regular routine. 

Re-energised, Recharged, Ready.

Fit Chill Out was a chance to unwind excess tension from my body, eradicate unwanted stress and bring myself back into my centre. It’s no secret I adore moving my body, and the workouts, yoga sessions, bodywork and massages all lifted my spirits and rejuvenated me – bringing me back to a much healthier state for the nervous system, where before some old PCOS and Adrenal Fatigue symptoms had been flaring up.

However, it was the life coaching workshops that sparked my sense of transformation most profoundly. Whilst I was able to reflect on where I currently stand in way of my goals, dreams and ambitions, I was reinvigorated and encouraged that I would have the strategies, capabilities and methods to propel forward. There was a strong sense of connecting to intuition, whilst also being grounded in the practical. Immersed in an environment that was incredibly supportive and safe, the retreat was conducted and attended by a group of strong, compassionate and inspirational women who epitomised the notion of women lifting each other up. I have now returned to everyday life feeling more creative, open and capable, which is a much-welcomed energy boost to finish off the year!

If you are interested in attending a Fit Chill Out retreat, get in touch with Beata here

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