A One Word "Resolution"

We are one month into 2017 and a few days into the Chinese New Year. Both being markers of time which for many spark a period of reflection, introversion and analysis to create "resolutions" in the form of all the things they WILL or MUST achieve, conquer or fulfill by years end. The issue here is that these absolute resolutions are often set to change your behaviour(s) and unfortunately as life gets in the way, they realistically bring around a sense of failure, as you may not reach those high pinnacles of success for which you set out for yourself.

To avoid this, because I certainly do not need that negativity in my life, and inspired by one of my favourite writers Mia Freeman of Mama Mia, I have decided to choose a single word which sets my intention for the year. The idea is that this word infuses into your life, setting the tone and focusing your energy so that you can make decisions, shifts and take action from thisintuitive place, rather than looking to external sources, such as reward, recognition or a sense of crossing things off your checklist.

I'm all for goal-setting, focused ambition and implementing habitual changes, but recently my thinking has been that in this process, I have been projecting myself forward in time, to the feelings I will have when I achieve that goal or when I find myself at that benchmark of 'success' to which I wish to reach. What this has done, is pulled me from the present moment and into an external whirlwind of overthinking, worry and confusion.

So from this the word that presented itself to me is Present. To be present in the moment. To acknowledge, appreciate and be mindful of where I am, how I feel and all that is occurring. To offer my presence to others.

I've been rolling this idea around in my mind for a while now, whilst also testing it out in action and I've found it has had a positive shift in my psychology and decision making processes. Not only has it strengthened my connections and relationships, as I am really focusing on being present for & with the other individuals, it has also allowed me to fully appreciate the events occurring in my life, without thinking of how that will look through a filtered lens or in review. Additionally it has offered a greater sense of clarity and appreciation, which is a practice that I have been cultivating in my life for some time now.

So I offer you an opportunity to look for the word that will help you focus your energy and set the intention for the remainder of this year. Take it as a chance to positively influence the path you are journeying along!

Let me know how you get on.

Stay present!

Rosie xx