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September Check-In

September Check-In

A new month brings that wave of resolution to start afresh and refocus to kick butt. As crazy as it seems, we are now into the final stretch of 2016 and so, for me, it's time to really get my ass into gear to achieve some of the goals I set at the beginning of the year, to check in to what has changed or grown over the past 8 months and to re-design to allow the creation of some new short term goals to really go out of this year with a bang!

Goal setting is a super important practice, both in the short & long term. It allows you to check in with your intuition, to see what you want to achieve, but also keeps you focused on the tasks that may be necessary to complete - and perhaps you tend to always overlook, or purposefully avoid! In reality, setting goals and checking in to them, keeps you accountable, on track and organised...which as a freelancer, I find are super helpful to avoid an overwhelming "to do" list!

So here is my September check in and mini-goals list to achieve by the end of this month!

1. Use a Bullet Journal

I recently stumbled across the Bullet Journal system (am I super late to the party? I don't know, I don't care, I want it) and now I'm feeling flashbacks to my somewhat geeky high school years and serious commitment to note taking.

The process utilises rapid logging with a clever key system, this is a way to track what you have (or haven't) managed to tick off your list and easily organises your life in a visually pleasing way. All you need is a notebook & to head to their site for all the instructions, then really it's all over to you!

With a general preference to keeping things written down rather than logged in my phone, I'm definitely going to use this way to help me feel a little more organised and on track, across the days, week & month.

2. Create more head space

I enjoy being busy and keeping myself occupied, I have somewhat blissful notions of calling myself a [skilled] multi-tasker. However that sense of busyness often leads to a continual "noise" in my head which I find draining & difficult to switch off. Beginning to address this I've made the conscious effort to connect back into mindfulness & meditation practices and beginning to notice some of the wonderful effects easing into my life.

So a key goal now is to commit to a daily practice to create some space & light in my mind in whatever way seems most fitting, be it a guided meditation, writing in my gratitude journal, going to yoga or just seeking to be mindful & still in a moment.

3. Do the exercise I love

This one here, is probably the one closest to my heart at the moment. I cannot function without getting a sweat on each & every day and thrive from moving my body. However I found that whilst I was retaining the discipline of working out & training, I was losing a bit of the motivation and enjoyment of what I was doing. So now, I've decided to do the sort of movement that my body loves and which makes me feel great, rather than what I believe I "should" be doing. By doing so, I am removing some of that awful guilt, associated for whatever reason that due to my profession, I should be lifting heavy and smashing PB's, that I should be able to go for long runs as a demonstration of my endurance....the list goes on, about how I SHOULD be training.

Well, I went inwards and looked at what I LOVE doing and its really a much more simple way of arranging my workouts. I'm a trained professional dancer and have danced my entire life, so really, anything relating to dance is in: barre, dance cardio, ballet class, it's all in there. I adore mindful and connected movement: hello Pilates. I like to find ways to change my perspective, restore my mind & experience new practices, welcome to Yoga. Plus I am walking everywhere possible, both as a clearing of the mind and a LISS practice.

Doing these things, I find my body is responding keenly, there is space and expansion where before I felt tight and tired. My energy is lifted because I am rewarding my body, not pushing it to places it perhaps doesn't really enjoy and continuing to explore new techniques, new classes & new experiences for my practice!

This is something I wholeheartedly recommend to my clients and friends, it is important to find the exercise that makes you happiest, as that is the exercise you will stick to! Move your body out of love, not guilt! 

4. Mindful Eating

After a few recent conversations with close friends and doing a little more research into nutrition, I have felt a stronger urge to be mindful of where my produce is coming from & the origins of the food I am nourishing my body with. Alongside this, I've really noticed that I need to take more care of managing my low-FODMAPs lifestyle and taking the care to reduce some triggers that have recently cropped up. Sometimes nutrition can become overwhelming, however I've really begun to examine my food intake from a holistic health perspective of how this is fueling my body & mind, both in the short & long term and the reactions and benefits I receive from the foods I am eating.

So with this, I am aiming to reduce my meat intake, finding alternative protein sources, whilst not removing meat altogether, looking to shop for local organic produce & incorporating portion sizes that keep me eating throughout the day around a busy, active schedule.

5. Connect

The blessing of technology is that I can instantly & constantly stay connected to my array of best friends & family spread all across the world. The downside, is that often this means I may neglect the people standing right in front of me because I'm too involved in getting a final chat in to that friend across the other side of the world who is about to go to sleep. So I really want to take the time to connect to those right here alongside me, building and growing friendships and relationships with those I interact with, without losing touch to my special people far away.

So that's my five September goals. Let's see how accountable I can be in following these for the month and hopefully beyond. I would love to hear your goals and/or how you keep track of them, comment on here or let me know on Instagram!

Rosie xx



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