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3 tips to Spring-Clean your system

3 tips to Spring-Clean your system

Just when it seemed like we would never emerge from the grey depths of Winter, time has done what we can always count on it to do, and propelled us bounding into Spring. The change of season and start of a new month perpetually is a natural time to re-focus our energy and intention. Moving into Spring is an ideal time to shake off the Winter months and clear your system to move –energetically and vibrationally – into new beginnings.

So where to start? Try these three tips to spring-clean your system and spring forward!


What is more typical than doing a deep clean at the start of Spring?

The physical act of de-cluttering helps you shed the weight of what no longer has a purpose or serves you. Not only does it lighten your load, energetically and materially, it also allows you the space to focus, without extra distraction, on what is truly important to you.

Remember this doesn't just have to be a case of turning your room into a Scandinavian minimalist heaven with a capsule wardrobe, maybe you also address the areas of your life that are loading you with extra stress - maybe that is associated with work, draining commitments or toxic relationships - that you can unburden yourself with. 

Lighten up your diet

In line with eating intuitively, I believe it is exceptionally important to eat seasonally. In doing so you are able to source higher quality, organic produce, that contains a more nutrient dense content level, compared to it's out of season counterparts.

Additionally, not only is it cheaper (it probably hasn't had to cross three countries to reach your plate) but you will also be supporting local farmers, which in turn helps the environment as seasonal produce requires less human interference. 

The spring season offers the largest variety of light, fresh greens – perfect for boosting your alkalinity –which are a welcome respite for the digestive system that has been processing heavier stews, roasts and many a full-bodied red wine. Take time to enjoy checking out local farmers markets in your area to make the most of the amazing variety of produce coming your way across the Spring months. 

Start a new project

The natural impetus of growth in Spring makes this change of season the perfect time to begin any new projects that you have been floating around your mind. As the time to look ahead to a bright and exciting future, it's a good time to put plans into motion or reach out to see if there are new opportunities or adventures that you can embark upon.

If you don't have a major pulling force you feel connected to, then perhaps it is time to address the smaller projects you have been putting off or avoiding throughout the Winter months. 

Let me know if you have any other amazing spring cleaning tips!


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