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Wellness Trends For 2018

Wellness Trends For 2018

With the industry statistics valuing it at $3.7 trillion and reputedly growing faster than our global economy,  Wellness, is clearly a sector that in 2018 we are investing in - big time.

These days you needn’t look far to find the growth of the wellness empire, from the“free-from” aisles in the local supermarket, to the transcendental meditation classes sprouting on schedules and clean beauty popping up everywhere. More and more are we addressing the biggest ROI – our own health and wellbeing. As the industry astoundingly grows, so too do the trends sweeping the market place to support, and capitalise, on the sector.

Recently forecasting the wellness trends for the year ahead for The Urban List with 10 Wellness Trends You’ll Be Seeing In 2018,  I predicted that “In 2018 wellness is all about accessibility, longevity, future proofing your health and taking genuine care of yourself, holistically”Rosie Gregory for Urban List Perth.

Once you've read the full list of trends here, scroll down for a further breakdown of some faves!


If 2017 saw the emergence of Collagen into the pantries of the well-clique, then 2018 will solidify its place as the go-to super powder. For natural gut healing, hair + skin health and a clean source of protein, you can’t turn past collagen and this year will see this information, and product, infiltrating the general public. With brands such as Vital Proteins and NutraOrganics developing even more convience based products, collagen boosted mixes and bone broth variations, the word is spreading further about the benefits of this nifty natural product and you can expect to see it just about everywhere! 

Wait...still confused about what collagen even is? Read this.

Digital Fitness

We’re now well into the technological age and boutique fitness is cleverly capitalising on our tech-addictions. Breaking a sweat is becoming more accessible than ever before, with the advancements in digital fitness services, so that working out now simply requires shoving your couch off to one side and hitting play on the remote. Following the popularity of brick and mortar boutique studios and hybrid class formats, the industry is entering your living room, where streaming services are becoming an industry standard. From boutiques offering up custom built online platforms to subscription based workouts, athleisure brands,  such as Alo Yoga, offering sessions and of course, YouTube influencers growing huge fan bases. 

The next step? Big players in the business are releasing custom built equipment to complement their online services, including Peloton's latest release of their treadmill (in addition to the incredibly popular existing bike option) and FlyWheel now offering an at-home bike with live streaming or on-demand capabilities!

Looking for at-home workouts? Try these!

All Things Woo-Woo

Get ready to embrace your spiritual side as 2018 is seeing a shift in consciousness towards all things woo-woo. Tuning in to higher vibrations, the frequency of the world around us and the shifts in natural cycles, comes a rise in popularity of previously "alternative" modalities such as crystal healing, moon cycle tracking and cleansing rituals. With Yoga and meditation practices now a common element of modern life, we expect a distinct shift into the exploration of spirituality. 

Natural Beauty

Born from the knowledge that it is not only what we put into our bodies, but what we put onto our bodies that is integral to our health, comes the natural beauty sector, which is set to be worth over $20 million by 2020. With a push to have greater transparency, stricter regulations of product listings and advancements to ensure it actually works, natural beauty will step into the spotlight. With big brands acquiring independent labels for greater distribution and creating their own variations of clean beauty products – L'Oreal is gearing up to release their wholly plant based, vegan hair dyes in the first quarter of 2018 –  expect to see a rise in non –toxic, high quality and safe ingredients in the beauty aisle soon. 

Read on for some of our #CleanBeauty faves. 

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