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The best podcasts of 2017

Podcasts are quickly becoming a favoured medium in 2017 as their popularity rises higher than ever before. Looking for something to tune in to? These are our picks of the best Podcasts covering a breadth of topics from healthy living, success stories, career advice, holistic health and empowerment. 


You've just come to understand what being dairy-free, refined sugar-free or wheat-free entails and now theres a new nutritional protocol to understand. Here is everything you need to know about FODMAPs and the low FODMAP diet. 

How to tune into your body

In the current state of our excessively busy, stress-filled, chaotic lives, we are more than ever disconnecting from the body and missing the key signals our intuitive body is trying to provide us. Here's how to tune into your body and boost your health & wellbeing. 

My PCOS journey

Last year, I became part of the 12-18% of the female population who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Finally I had an answer for all the missing periods, heightened anxiety and the oh-so-fun adult acne, but that was only the first part of my journey to recovery. 

What is PCOS?

Are you, or one of your girlfriends, part of the not-so-exlusive club of women diagnosed with PCOS? With 1 in 5 currently coping with the condition, here's the lowdown on the single most common endocrine disorder women are facing today. 

A One Word "Resolution"

We are one month into 2017 and a few days into the Chinese New Year. Both being markers of time which for many spark a period of reflection, introversion and analysis to create "resolutions" in the form of all the things they WILL or MUST achieve, conquer or fulfill by years end.