Cheryl Lin

Cheryl Lin

Cheryl Lin is one of Singapore's premier fitness professionals. As a holistic fitness leader, it is her personal experiences and training background that influence the sharing of her philosophy; to honour your body, mind and spirit through a balance of sweat, soul and nourishment.

As the founder of Eat, Train, Love (ETL) she has the opportunity to share her vocational passion, expansive knowledge and motivational wisdom with clients daily. Plus, with a qualification list including credits in Personal Training, Les Mills, Fly High Yoga, Zuu Fitness and Barre Body, whether you are in a bootcamp, yoga session or a 1-1 with her, you'll be in the hands of a true expert. 

Editors Note: Cheryl was one of the first people I met in the Singapore fit scene when I attended a Long + Lean Class with ETL. Since then, she has been one of my trainers, girlboss inspirations and dear friend. She is an exceptionally strong (and I don't just mean physically!) woman, who believes in lifting other women up and authentically practices what she preaches. I hope you enjoy this 5 Min Fit Chat with her - I certainly did! 

How did you get started in the industry? 

As a kid I’d watch Aerobics Oz Style and Tae Bo on TV and do the workouts in my living room. Once I was old enough to get a part time job I started my first job in a gym! 

What is your usual morning routine? 

Stretch in bed, cuddle with the cat (who’s usually on top of me), check for messages (I know...) and I am working on a daily habit of reading and writing down my gratitudes thanks to a very beautiful Christmas gift!

What does a week in workouts look like for you? 

I go through phases depending on what I’m training for. If I’ve got a run coming up, it’ll be a big leg workout, one long run, one short run and the other workouts will just be fun stuff. If I’m not preparing for anything in particular I’ll just mix up strength training in the gym with Pole, aerial, yoga and whatever classes fit in with my work schedule. Generally I set aside an hour to workout 4-6 days a week and I make sure I have a good balance of strength and mobility. 

Why do you choose to nourish yourself with a plant based diet?

I have always had an ethical dilemma with consuming animal products but like most people we are able to compartmentalise my emotions towards pets and livestock. Once I educated myself more on nutrition and realized that as humans, and for me as an athlete/dancer, I didn’t need animal products to survive, to thrive and to improve my athletic performance, it was a no brainer. Since then I’ve been the leanest I ever have been, I’m able to achieve deep, delta phase sleep at night, I’m without a doubt the strongest I’ve ever been, and I rarely get sick (which is great because there’s nothing worse than trying to teach with a cold) 

Being an inspiration and motivator for many clients- how do you find inspiration or motivation for yourself? 

My clients inspire me so much. I love working with them so much, I really do, and they inspire me to want to help them achieve more, and for me to put my heart and soul into teaching and being better at what I do. 

There are also trainers and strong women that inspire me, especially some that I am very fortunate to work with and learn from. 

Travel is also important. I take every opportunity I can to get to classes to see what’s out there, get out of my comfort zone and learn from other instructors. And most importantly dance inspires me. My two favorite studios are Sydney Dance Company and Pineapple. The creative and emotive release I get from dance, and the things I learn from challenging my body, provide me with so much inspiration that can be transferred into the class programs I write. 

What excites you the most about your job? 

Wearing a different pair of leggings every day? Haha...

Also seeing how I can nudge each client out of their comfort zones all the time. 

What do you wish people understood more about fitness + healthy living? 

That what you see and read on social media needs to be taken with a big pinch of salt. 

With such a busy schedule, how do you switch off and implement self-care rituals?

I make sure I go away maybe every 3 months, to recharge and also upskill/get new inspiration. I also take time each day where I’m on my own to decompress. Flyhigh yoga is great for this, I'll just spend a few mins stretching out my back or elevating my legs and lying on the floor. I practice self care where I can. Essentially it’s just listening to my body and giving it what it needs. Usually a good nana nap! 

What is your ultimate vice? 


What exciting things can we expect from ETL in 2018?

Well when I come back in Feb I’ll be qualified in children’s yoga, so watch this space! We have also started assembling the team for Spartan Race and Lucy [another incredible ETL trainer] has some great training lined up. There’ll be more retreats and hopefully a mountain in the mix. And along the lines of self care, we’ll be adding more focus on our restorative classes, because the benefits we’ve been seeing this past year have just been so great! 

You can follow Cheryl here and book into a session with Eat, Train, Love by clicking this link!

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