Rhyce Lein

Rhyce Lein

If you're a sweat addict in Singapore, chances are you've already seen Rhyce Lein in action at of the many boutique studios around town. As General Manager of the most disruptive fit tech start up in the Asia region – GuavaPass – this fitness fiend has equal love for working out, as he does with quality indulgence (that's our kinda guy!).

 From gym to sin, Rhyce shares with us how he balances a week of workouts, his secret insider spots in the city and just what it takes to impress him. 

What was your start in the industry?

 Rob Patcher (Co-Founder of GuavaPass) and I had been close friends for around a year before he called me up one day pitching the idea of Asia's first fitness subscription platform.  I jumped at the chance to work with the startup and joined the founding team as GuavaPass Singapore’s General Manager. 

Guava Pass Team


What is your favourite aspect about working in the fitness space?

Its ever-evolving fast-paced nature.


What is your usual morning routine?

As a naturally early riser, I'm up at 6.30am every morning and watching the sun rise with a cup of coffee. It's the most peaceful time of day and the space where I can collect my thoughts and mentally prepare for the day ahead. After that, I'm usually hitting a morning class or workout. 

Rhyce Lein Yoga

What does a week in workouts look like for you?

I workout 6 days a week with, one rest day. First up, I like to get a good cardio session in to work off any weekend indulgence, so Monday is usually super high intensity. Midweek I am for strength and resistance training and then by the end of the week and over the weekend I'll be blissing out in Yoga. 


Favourite spots to workout around Singapore?

I like to keep my workout schedule varied, but I'm pretty loyal to my OG favourites, which are all on the Guava Pass Platform, of course. For sweat I'll be at  STILL Boxing, Absolute Cycle, or Firestation 3.0 , for Yoga my favourite is Freedom Yoga, and then I'll be   checking out anything new that pops up on my radar. 

Rhyce Lein Still Boxing


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As the GM of Guava Pass you trial a lot of new and exciting classes, what must a studio nail in order to entice you into class?

I have two top criteria: The Experience and The Workout.

When I say experience, I mean every single detail I encounter during my time in the studio. From walking in the front door, I'm checking out the vibe and aesthetics (it's got to be Insta-worthy) of the studio - is it welcoming? How does it make me feel? Is the receptionist welcoming...or a moody bitch? I want to feel like I’ve stepped into the comfort of a friends home and then been fully inspired and motivated to train. 

The workout then needs to be worth the trip to the studio. The instructor is absolutely key – this crucial element can make or break a studio – and must be able to adapt every single workout based on their audience. If its the same boring cookie cutter routine as every other studio or every time I try the class, I won’t be impressed...


What do you think is the next big trend in the Asian fitness scene?

Mindfulness. I really think meditation classes are going to be the next craze to hit Asia as we are seeing this trend take over our forward thinking friends in LA / NY. There's Yoga everywhere in Singapore, but dedicated chill out spots, meditation classes and zen hang outs will be the next big thing for sure. 

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Rhyce Lein Climbing

Where would we find you hanging out when not in a studio? 

In the AM: Common Man Coffee Roasters, a cold brew and veggie wonderland is my go-to order. 

In the PM: Neon Pigeon, Spago and Employee's Only. 


favourite recovery locates?

I'm a big fan of slipping in recovery sessions to speed up my turn around between workouts. My two must-do's are hitting the salt room at Virgin Active and getting an intense sports massage 3x a month with Vivian at Nature Land. I swear, she gets pleasure from my pain...

Rhyce Lein Fit Chat


With such a busy schedule, how do you switch off and how, (if you do), do you practice self care?

I make time to meditate every night before bed. I find it extremely hard to slow down my thought, so I use a variety of apps to help calm down in the evenings and shift into my practice. Some of my favourite are Insight Timer, 1 Giant Mind and Aura. 


Balance - brilliant or bullshit?

Brilliant. I'm a huge advocate of the whole "Work hard, play harder..." mentality.

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