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Emma Harris

One peek at Emma Harris’ iCal would have most balking – but somehow, the quick witted trail blazer manages to balance out a vibrant social life with sweat sessions, climbing her way up the corporate ladder and supporting her female peers along the way! We sit down to chat with the entrepreneurial-minded leader to see just how she has been able to carve out a career for herself that fuses both her mission and passions…

Cheryl Lin

Cheryl Lin is one of Singapore's premier holistic fitness professionals. The founder of Eat, Train, Love, Lululemon Ambassador and all around inspiration shares her philosophy to honour your body, mind and spirit through a balance of sweat, soul and nourishment in this 5 Min Fit Chat. 

Cenna Summers

She's Singapores hottest fitness babe and now is getting real and raw with us. We sat down with this badass babe who is on a mission to find more purpose & balance in her life for this interview series.