Yumika Hoskin

Yumika Hoskin

Chances are you may have already seen Yumika Hoskin’s face before – either gracing the covers of magazines, in digital campaigns or on her own YouTube series, KTCHN UP co-hosted with Hanli Hoefer. The Australian-born, Singaporean-based model, influencer and TV host (to name just a few of her millennial ‘slashie’ career titles) can list countless brands in her credits; from MTV Asia and ESPN, to Adidas, Sony and Puma.

But, of course, there is more than meets the eye with Yumika. Her passions for sustainability and eco-friendly practices, alongside over a decade of handling her own business endeavours, is now leading her to take the entrepreneurial leap with the launch of a product range in the new year.

We sat down with Yumika to chat all things purpose, motivation, the pressures of working in an image-based industry and the plans for her exciting new venture.

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Tell Us What You Do?

I am a television host, model, actress, fashion stylist and soon to be entrepreneur.

What’s an Average “day in the life” look like for you?

My body wakes up around 7 am but I let my mind catch up until I jump out of bed at 7:45 am to go make my morning green smoothie. I will usually have a casting or a meeting scheduled around 10 am. Then I will head to a fitness class at lunchtime, whether it be boxing, F45, yoga or something random for the week, to get my body feeling alive.

After that, I grab some lunch and head to a cafe with my laptop to get work done. When I get home I will browse through Spotify to discover some new songs to add to my playlist to listen to the next day and start making dinner. These days it’s always salad for dinner but you can never underestimate the deliciousness of a raw plant-based diet!

When my housemate gets home it’s time for a shower, pyjamas and binge-watching on Netflix with him in his room.


what was your entry into fitness and wellbeing?

I was always a sporty kid growing up, however fitness became more regular as I started modelling when I was about 15/16 years old. Back then the treadmill was my go to and training privately, rather than in group classes.

Fast forward 10+ years later in Singapore, I had a friend from GuavaPass who signed me up with a membership with them. At first, I was hesitant to go to group fitness classes as I preferred training alone. However, that opinion quickly changed when I attended some really great classes and switched it up every week. My body also changed.

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With my job, social media presence became an integral part of my work. Thus creating a graph on paper, I wrote down how I wanted to brand myself and fitness was one of the things I noted. I also thought it was a smart move as the fitness and health movement grew and not only did I want to be an early adopter, I also wanted to work with these influential brands in the future. Now not only do I work out all the time, but I have worked with many brands such as Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Victoria’s Secret on many events and social media activations!

Workout: Ready, Set, Sweat

where do you find inspiration for staying motivated, both in work and fitness?

I think a general desire to challenge myself as well as the very undesired feeling of ‘settling’ is what motivates me.

Workout wise, I see my body changing and getting stronger so it’s a “keep going” reminder in my head.

Work wise I have dreams and only one life. So I want to do and try everything I have ever wanted to, as we are only limited by the boundaries we make for ourselves.


How do you manage the pressures of being in an image based industry? and how do you balance the notions of looking good VS feeling good?

The pressures are definitely tough at times and a separation of internalising them or taking them personally only came with life experience and time. Sometimes you get caught up in questioning yourself whether you’re doing this to prove to other people or to yourself.

Some people have been very lucky in having a manager guide them and put them on a path. Whereas my experience has always been walking alone and adapting. Writing down what your image is and how you want it to be branded is the best advice to give, as it reminds you of your core values.

Looking good only works when you’re feeling good as well as the other way around. So making sure you get a bit in both to balance is important.

I always feel good doing meditation before I take on my day. So if I meditate in the morning and have to attend an event later that evening, I will feel less socially awkward or more confident and how I carry myself.

what are you finding yourself passionately drawn to at the moment?

Digital creation and documentation. I have always been a “creative” and also loved taking videos since I was a child. But now with the television industry changing, I am also adapting. It is all going digital and all about original content. So instead of waiting around and continuously wishing for the dream roles for shows, I am now making my own and letting the clients and the networks come to me!

what is driving your shift into sustainability practices?

What drives me every day is the realisation we have one life – and seeing so much destruction of the Earth and its natural ecosystems makes me really unhappy. Particularly the plastics epidemic.

One of my biggest peeves is going to the supermarket and seeing the careless overuse of single-use plastic to pack groceries. At a point in life we all come to the question “what is your purpose?” or “how do you contribute to the world?”. It is something I have been stirring through my mind a lot over the last year.

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My recent passion to combat single-use plastic has come to fruition. At the moment I am working on a business called “Peco Bag”, to provide consumers with foldable, fashionable, reusable bags made from recycled plastic bottles to launch next year. I want to encourage people to change a simple habit to change their world.  


what gives you a sense of accomplishment come friday?

I like writing checklists down in my diary. So tasks or “to do’s” every week, otherwise I would forget to do them! Ticking at least 80% of them off is what makes me a happy camper on Friday afternoon.

what are some of your favourite self care rituals?

Meditation in the mornings to start my day whenever I can. A green smoothie for my breakfast to fuel me up with natural multivitamins. Moisturising my face day and night. Sleeping before midnight.

what are your favourite studios for: 1. Sweat, 2. A workout with friends, 3. Yoga?

  1. F45 or Still Boxing for sweating. 2. Absolute You in Orchard for a disco spin sesh with my friends. 3. Sweatbox Yoga for that natural light!

what gets you out of bed in the morning?!

My stomach growling and trying to beat time.

what is one piece of advice you wish to pass on to other women + younger girls who look up to you?

Regret is one of the worst feelings you have to live with. What I have learnt, and am still learning along the way, is that we will never be like anyone else. We will never have the same story or path as someone else. So if you’re doing something for you, you make it your own. No one knows you and your potential better than yourself.

You are your own hero. So go be it.

You can follow Yumika on Instagram, YouTube or on her site.

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