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Loving in December

This December we wanted to share the things we’ve been loving recently to give you a little festive inspiration. From small businesses to support, to products we’ve found, or ideas that we’re crushing on, here’s what we are loving in December.

What 25+ years has taught me...

There was that song by Baz Luhrmann, the one about wearing sunscreen, and this particular line was "enjoy the power and beauty of your youth". That line has always stuck with me - in a way that has made me feel like this is the most powerful time of my life, so I better make the most of it. So what did my youth teach me? And what have I learnt to take into my next phase of life...


A subconscious act of the central nervous system that sustains the body, breathing, is a completely natural action, yet one that we tend to either neglect or overcomplicate.