Pre-Flight Stretch Routine

As an avid traveler, I generally love the experience of flying, however I do have to confess it does get quite tiresome & uncomfortable mid-air, especially the long haul commute between Australia and London! Luckily, I have a few little tricks that help me feel slightly more comfortable when in-flight mode. The top of these is making sure I move my body well before boarding the plane, so that I have had the chance to shake out any niggles or tensions residing in the body, relax & nourish my nervous system and to also give a little love to the areas that will be cramped up for the next 24+ hours!

The excitement of travel; organising and packing your bags, duty free shopping, the on-board champagne, the anticipation of your destination... is what we count down for until that holiday date arrives on the calendar, however, travel is exceptionally taxing on the body, not in the least due to the time zone changes crossed when traveling long haul. The interesting shapes your body contorts into attempts to be comfortable in your seat affects your musculoskeletal systems, the changes in air pressure can affect your digestion, the lack of fresh air may affect your breathing & skin and the changes in circumstances disrupt your nervous system which can really throw you out of routine and out of whack.

To help alleviate these systems and prepare your body & mind for a flight, I've put together this little stretch & flow, which focuses on the areas of the body that get notoriously tight whilst traveling - the back, hips and lower legs. We want to encourage blood flow and oxygenation to these areas, whilst simultaneously supporting lymphatic drainage, to ensure our bodies stay active, relaxed and healthy before boarding the plane!

At just 15 minutes long, this sequence is perfect to do at home before venturing out to begin your adventure, but I also really recommend finding a spot at the airport before you board, or perhaps if you have a lengthy layover between long hauls, to move through your body and shake out some tensions. I promise you will feel lengthened and relaxed, setting yourself up for a more comfortable journey and arrival!

Remember to take deep long breaths, filling up the lungs with all the good oxygen you can to nourish the body! In this video I'm taking around 3 breathes in each posture, but you can definitely stay for longer if you feel like that is right for you!

Enjoy taking the time to move & nourish and then relax, unwind and enjoy your holidays!!

Rosie xx

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