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Share the Sweat: Partner Workout

Share the Sweat: Partner Workout

Connection is everything, for support & to challenge, for motivation & to satisfy your human needs as social creatures. A sweat date is one of the best ways to catch up with friends, squeeze in some time with your lover or to build up new relationships. This is a month filled with relationships & connections focus and as such I'm bringing you this fun, but challenging, Partner Workout with one of my best friends, Glynn - @gegertonread

This workout is all about building connections & trust to utilise each other as support or to challenge your strength by using their body as weighted load.  It should illicit a tonne of sweat as well as much laughter, happiness and endorphins from enjoying the good shit in life together. 

So grab your bezzie, your bad, your sweetie or the stranger next to you in the gym (with their consent please) and hit up this Partner Workout, because some things in life are just better when shared. [The same does not go for my block of dark chocolate, I can enjoy that ALL to myself, thanks very much]


For this workout we are going in circuit style through the different sets of exercises. Looking for endurance we are going for 12 reps of each exercise, before moving to the next exercise. The next time you repeat the circuit you swap roles and complete all the exercises again through. In order for each partner to do the same amount of work, you repeat the circuit either:

For beginners - 4 times

For intermediates/advanced - 6 times


Tricep Dips + Ab Curl Up

With Partner One laying on the floor, knees bent + feet placed flat on the floor, Partner Two places their hands onto the first Partner One's knees and sits in a low comfortable seat - feet directly underneath the line of the knees and spine neutral. Simultaneously, Partner One rolls up through the spine into an Ab Curl - making sure to keep the abdominals engaged and drawn in towards the spinal column - as Partner Two bends at the elbows and lowers into the tricep dip - keeping the shoulders back and chest open. Then return to the start position in sync. 

Plank to Pike + Long Sit Up with Tricep Push

Partner One laying on the floor in a long line, feet are flexed and hands at the ready, Partner Two places themselves carefully into a plank position with their hands either resting on Partner One's Ankles ( challenging for stability) or the floor beside them and their feet into their Partners hands. Simultaneously, Partner One Rolls up in a Long Sit Up, pressing from the triceps and pushing the elbows upwards as Partner Two folds and the hips to bring the shoulders over the wrists into a pike position. Return back to the start and make sure both Partners keep the abdominals engaged and spine neutral!

Wheelbarrow Squats + Decline Push Ups

Partner One Stands in a wide parallel position and holds Partner Two's feet as the come into a decline High Plank position. As Partner One lowers into a deep squat, Partner Two bends at the elbows to lower the chest to the ground in a wide push up. Both extend at the same time to return to the start position. 

Low Plank + Hop Overs

Partner One finds a low plank position on the elbows- making sure the spine is long and neutral and core remains engaged! Partner Two then jumps laterally from side to side over the top of their Partner! A WHOLE lot of trust with this one- if you land on them, they will only return the favour!!

Jumping Lunges

Facing towards each other, start in a deep lunge position with your front feet next to each other. As you jump and switch legs, replace the position of your partners feet so you have to stay close! This will change your spatial, balance and co-ordination skills to stay in time and not knock each other out!

Deadlift Hold + Reverse Pull Ups

Parter One stands in a long back Deadlift position and crosses their arms so they create a "bar" with the forearms. Partner Two then lies on their back in a Bridge position and holds with an underhand grip onto their Partners "bar" arms. Partner Two then lifts their upper body off the ground by flexing at the elbows, to bring the chest up to the "bar" before slowly lowering back down. Whilst this looks like all the work is on the Pull Up, Partner One has to stay super strong in the back, core and glutes to keep the support and a steady base! No slacking!


After all that sweating and puffing, it's super important to stretch out and lengthen your hardworking muscles. Using the weight of your partners body is a great way to assist and relax you into some deeper stretches. Really take the time to slow move in and out of the stretches and aim to stay for 1-2 minutes in each one to allow the nervous and muscular systems to calm and unwind. 

Assisted Hamstring Stretch

With long legs - but soft knees where needed- slowly lower the body over the thighs, reaching the head towards the ankles or toes as the bodyweight of your partner rests from the sacrum to the upper back. 

Assisted Butterfly Stretch

With the soles of the feet together and about 2 hands distance away from the torso (closer if you have more openness in the hip sockets) , knees dropped out to the sides - slowly lower the body over the legs, reaching the head towards the ankles as the bodyweight of your partner rests from the sacrum to the upper back. 

Wearing: Lululemon Crop + Leggings, Adidas Ultra Boost

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