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Sliders Workout (Reformer Pilates Alternative)

What happens when you love Reformer Pilates but don’t happen to have access to a Reformer at all times? You grab a towel and make do on a slippy floor! This workout is designed around some of my all time fave Pilates exercises that feature in pretty much all of my Reformer classes but can be replicated at home or when you are travelling. All you need is a towel, or scrap of material, and you’ll be lengthening, strengthing and toning in no time...

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Resistance Band Workout: Upper Body

This upper body workout is perfect for when you are limited on space and/or equipment, or just don’t feel like throwing around a bunch of weights! You are able to sculpt your body with the level of resistance provided by the bands, but at the same time you will find an activation and elongation, which helps reduce muscular tension- bonus!

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