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At-Home/Anywhere Workout

At-Home/Anywhere Workout

Lets face it, we don't all have access to our dream studio spaces, the gym is always cramped (no good vibes there) and when travelling you just don't have access to a barbell.

This workout is the perfect remedy for when you are training at home, on the road, or with limited equipment. All you need is some space, a couch or bench and some beats!

The focus is full body, functional, large range of movement; aiming to get the heart rate up, a sweat on and some endorphin's pumping!

Note: I always start with a generalized warm up to get moving, try this one!

cardio set

Reverse Burpee + Jump Lunge Pyramid

Burpees 10-1 (in increments on 1)

Jump Lunges 20-2 (in increments of 2)

To get your heart rate up, start with this pyramid set. Beginning with 10 burpees followed by 20 jump lunges, then repeat with 9 burpees 18 jump lunges.....all the way down to 1 burpee 2 jump lunges.

Ideally go for full range burpees - chest to floor push up included and nice strong jump up! But take it the modifications as needed: no jump/step in and out/omit the push up to what ever you need!

training set

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP)

The main portion of the workout requires you to complete as many rounds of the following sets in the time limit as you can.

Focus on good form and technique, rather than compromising speed, but look for minimal rest so as to increase endurance levels!

Set 1 : 8 mins

20 Squat Jumps

20 Walking lunges (or reverse if limited space)

10 Side plank leg lift (hold side plank position and lift top leg to hip height)

15 Drop-Pause squats (hold at the base of deep squat for 3 counts)

Set 2 : 8 mins

20 mountain climbers

20 split lunges with back foot elevated on couch or bench (10 each side)

20 squat with calf raise (rise up onto toes at top end of squat)

20 curtsy lunges (10 each side)

Set 3 : 6 mins

20 plank toe taps (from plank tap one toe sideways away from midline of body and bring back in)

20 oblique bicycles

10 roll overs (Pilates style)

20 plank hip dips (in plank position, slightly rotate hips from side to side to dip into obliques)

once you'r finished, towel down and enjoy a long stretch out to release those worked muscles! 

Morning Pilates Flow

Morning Pilates Flow