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Barre Series: Side Sculpt

Barre Series: Side Sculpt

Continuing in the Barre Workout Series we move into a Side Sculpt series that will seriously chisel, define and sculpt up your waist, hips and booty to get you that sexy dancers definition!

Don't be fooled by the seeming simplicity of these exercises, when you continue the repetitions and the gradual add-ons, the burn becomes real and you will feel the "pinch" in your Obliques, Gluteus Medius and Lats! Make sure you keep rolling through the reps, the idea is to keep the activation and tension in these smaller stabilising muscles, so try not to rest and push to go for 3 rounds if possible for some real shaping action.

The set up of all of these exercises are crucial to ensure you target the right muscle groups. Starting in a high kneel, laterally flex to your left side side and place your left hand directly underneath the line of the shoulder - the elbow should be soft and not locked out. From here, extend your right leg long away from the head - flexing the foot so the toes point forwards and the knee is straight. The right arm then extends to the ceiling from the line of the shoulder - imagining a line of energy from the left hand, across the back and out through the fingertips, so that you feel lifted and supported away from the ground. You want to make sure you keep your spine in a Neutral position, so the hips and shoulders are in alignment - keep pressing the hips forward so that you have a nice line of extension across the hips and up through the torso- and draw the lower abdominals up and in, so you have a lifted and supported core, which will remain stable throughout the series. 

Side Leg Lift

Simply lift the leg up from the floor to hip height or just above, then lower back down to gently tap the ground. Try to activate from the side of the hip - working Glute Med - and look to keep the torso elongated, so that as the leg raises, you don't dip down in the top side waist and lose your core control.

Side Leg Oblique Squeeze

Keeping the leg lifted at hip height, you then flex the knee, bending it in towards the chest as you simultaneously bend the right arm and draw the elbow behind the ribcage, squeezing through the back & shoulders. You then extend the arm and leg back to the start positions. Look to keep the torso in a Neutral alignment, so that you engage and squeeze the Pelvic Floor and Low Abdominals and keep the leg at hip height so as to keep constant contraction of the Booty!

Combination Lift & Squeeze

To challenge balance and co-ordination we combine the first two exercises, all whilst keeping supported and strong in the core! Lower and lift the straight leg, before bending and extending the leg and arm and repeat!

Step to Side Plank

Keeping the long leg extended to the ground and ensure the foot is in line with the body. Engaging the core, booty and shoulders, you then step the left leg to join the right foot so you are in side plank position. You then bend the left knee back down to the ground and finish the exercise with a single leg lift of the right leg for continual booty burn!

Side Plank Pulses

Step to the side plank and then hold, lifting up and out of the support shoulder and squeezing the thighs together, before slowly pulsing the hips & up and down, by lowering and lifting the hips and waist, feeling a good pinch around your "hourglass" region!

16 Repetitions of each exercise, 2-3 rounds on each side.

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