Ready, Set, Sweat

Beach Sweat Sesh

Beach Sweat Sesh

Staying fit whilst travelling can be as simple as exploring your surroundings and using what you find to get moving. This dreamy Phuket beach provided the ultimate seaside setting for a sizzling sweat session. With a focus on full body, heart rate lifting exercises, this workout is a quick and efficient holiday HIIT session to keep you moving while travelling. 

PS. Of course you do not have to be on a tropical beach to reap the benefits of this workout – it works just as well at home, the gym or in your local park! 

the workout



the exercises

1 minute per exercise

4-5 rounds

Yoga Push Ups

Targets: Triceps, Core, Shoulders, Hamstrings

Take Note: Make sure to keep the core engaged as you roll through the movement. As you lower the chest down, keep the elbows close to the body to activate the triceps, rather than the chest. 

180° Burpees

Targets: Total Body + Cardio 

Take Note: Make sure to keep a strong plank form when you lower into the burpee and then push through the feet to propel yourself into the air as you rotate 180°. 

Jump Lunges

Targets: Quadriceps, Calves, Pelvic Stability

Take Note: Watch out for the tracking of the legs – maintaining hip, knee and ankle in parallel, especially on the unstable sand surface. 

Commandos + Runners Lunge Switch

Targets: Core, Shoulders, Hip Flexors

Take Note: Focus on the deep activation of the true core muscles and watch out for the stabilisation of the shoulder girdle, keeping the shoulders directly over the wrists throughout. 

Teaser Squeezes

Targets: Deep Core, Triceps

Take Note: Maintain core activation to avoid "bulging" of the lower abdominal muscles, whilst squeezing the inner thighs together for added pelvic floor engagement! 

Mini Ball Barre Series

Mini Ball Barre Series