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The Prehab Protocol Series

The Prehab Protocol Series

What is Prehab?

Prehab is a proactive measure that in essence bulletproofs your body to ensure you stay injury free. Utilising an array of exercises that engage, activate and trains key muscles, incorporating prehab into your workout regime enhances your movement patterning and posture by ensuring correct muscle recruitment and biomechanics. 

For the full spiel head straight to the What Is Prehab down low and then come back for the Prehab Protocol Series.

Aim to include these Prehab Series Exercises into your dynamic warm up prior to training at least 2-3x per week. Each exercise should be repeated for a minimum of 8-12 repetitions on each side. 

The Prehab Series Exercises

Swimming Prep/Bird Dog

Depending on your movement background you may know this exercise as swimming prep (Pilates) or Bird Dog (exercise science), either way, this is a fundamental exercise that should be included in all prehab series'.  

Key Focus: Maintaining postural alignment of a neutral spine, deep core activation and co-ordination. Challenging balance, engagement and endurance, your focus should remain on reducing the range of movement until strength has been solidified in the torso and slowly adding on greater extension of the opposing arm and leg. 

Dead bugs

Key Focus: Maintaining core engagement with the added load of moving levers (single arm and leg moving in opposition). Hone in on maintaining rib and pelvic placement to ensure spine position doesn't change – ie. the lower back arching. 

Single leg lower + lift with band

Key Focus: Correct recruitment of the muscles of the hip and leg: activating the hamstring with the push down and releasing the hip flexor on the return. Maintaining pelvic placement while the long lever of the leg is moving. 

Prone Y to T 

progression: add thoracic extension hold

Key Focus: Strengthening thoracic extension and maintaining scapula stabilisation within movement. Engaging correct recruitment of the muscles surrounding the shoulder girdle and counteracting common flexion-related postural issues of the area. 

Mini band lateral walks

Key Focus: Activating Gluteus Medius and strengthening the lateral chain of the lower limb to ensure correct alignment for the tracking of the hip, knee and ankle. 

Single leg squat 

Key Focus: Developing dynamic stability in a unilateral movement to support correct biomechanics and tracking of the joints. 

Rotator cuff rotations

Key Focus: Strengthening the vulnerable joint of the shoulder girdle and finding scapula stabilisation by recruiting the intrinsic muscles of the rotator cuff. 

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