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Bodyweight Bench Workout

Bodyweight Bench Workout

Fat Burning & Sculpting Bench Workout

This is the perfect body-weight workout for when you are on the go or travelling. All you need to do is find a bench and you will be fat-burning, honing and sculpting those muscles fast!

The Exercises

1. Lateral Step Up with Oblique Twist

Targets: Gluteus Medius, Quads and Obliques

2. Decline Push Up with Mountain Climber

Targets: Shoulders, Core, Spinal Stabilisers

3. Split Lunges

Targets: Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads

4. Burpee Bench Jump

Targets: Shoulders, Legs, Core

5. Tricep Dip with Knee Marches

Targets: Triceps, Deep core

Reps + Sets

Proving workouts needn't be long to get results the aim here is 10-12 reps (on each side if single sided) and 3-4x rounds total. 

Top top: Always focus on correct form and high quality repetitions. Actively think about engaging, activating and squeezing the target muscles to maximise sculpting results!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below or on social!

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