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Booty Lift: Side Lying L-Shape Series

Booty Lift: Side Lying L-Shape Series

Sculpting + Toning Booty Lift Workout

Looking for a quick booty lift workout to do on it's own or add on the end of a workout?

This Pilates inspired, side leg lift series, requires a whole lot of core control to stabilise the L- shape and brings a new level of burn to the booty lift!

Once you get yourself into the right position, you will be able to activate and target the outer hip region. By keeping the area under constant tension through the series, you will get some serious sculpting results!

Target Muscles

Gluteus Medius + Minimus (Outer Glutes) to shape the hip region.

Deep core + Abdominals to provide support and true strength.


20 reps of each movement in sequence to keep activation.

2-3 sets of the whole series.

Set Up

Lying on one side, bend the knees towards the chest and then extend the legs forward at a 90 angle to the hips, so your body makes an L shape. To check you are in the right position, reach your arms forward and check you can touch your toes.

Keeping the hips and shoulders stacked, pull the top hip away from the head and make sure there is a small gap below the waist and the ground.

Remember to draw the abdominals back towards the spinal column and aim to remain in a neutral spine position the whole time.

Music: Changing – SIGMA Feat. Paloma Faith (Klingande Remix)

Lower + Lift

Lift the top leg to hip height with control before slowly lowering back down to tap the underneath leg.


From the lifted position, sweep the leg backwards, with a pointed foot, to find an extended line from the hip to the toes before sweeping back forwards, with a flexed foot, to the 90 L-shape. Aim to keep the leg sweeping along the horizon at hip height, not dipping up and down.


From the lifted L-shape position, squeeze the outer side of the top glute to pulse upwards.

Pull + Push

From the lifted position, with a flexed foot, pull the knee in towards the chest, engaging through the core to activate the abdominals, before pushing the heel away with resistance.


From the lifted position, bring the extended leg towards your face to tap the ground, the arc back up over the centre to then tap down towards the toes, creating a rainbow shape.

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