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Fit Ball Workout (Reformer Pilates Alternative)

Fit Ball Workout (Reformer Pilates Alternative)

This is one of the best Reformer Pilates Workout you can do...without a Reformer!

As so many of us know, it can be hard to access a Reformer, but this one simple swap out of equipment [to an all-time favourite sculpting weapon] leaves you with a workout full of the top Reformer exercises which target those slow twitch, booty burning and sculpting key areas and provide you with the real results and Pilates benefits. 

The workout

10-12 reps

3 Rounds

Always look for form and control over speed and increased repetitions. 

Knee Stretches with Pike to Plank

Set Up: Starting in a high plank position with the top of your feet resting on the centre of the ball. Make sure your shoulders are stacked over the wrists and the body is in one long line – your booty should be squeezing and the core muscles drawn towards the spinal column.

Action: Keeping the upper body stable, bend at the knees and pull the ball towards the elbows, without letting the back change its position. Extend the legs back to plank, then keeping the legs long, lift the hips to pike into an inversion, aiming to keep the shoulders directly over the wrists. With control, lower the body back into the high plank line and repeat. 


Set Up: Starting in parallel with the legs and keeping the right foot firmly on the ground, extend the left leg behind you and rest the foot on top of the ball. Bend into the right knee and gently pitch the body forward onto a 45 degree angle. 

Action: Without moving the rest of the body, draw the left foot in, bending the knee until both knees gently touch. The extend the leg back out again. Focus on keeping the hips and shoulders square, with no added rotation, and not allowing the body to move vertically up and down!

Hip Bridges

Set Up: Begin on your back with the space between your shoulder blades resting on the apex of the ball and your feet in parallel, firmly on the ground. Interlock the hands behind the head to support the neck and then allow the lower back to drape over the curve of the ball. 

Action: Recruiting only the booty and hamstring muscles, press down into the fit and lift the hips up to find one long line from chest to knee. Aim to keep the ribs soft and dropping down into the ball so as to not overarch the back. Slowly release the hips back down and repeat. 

Hamstring Curls

Set Up: Lying on your back, extend the legs and place them atop the apex of the ball. With control, roll up through the spine to find your hip roll position – ribs heavy and connected to the pelvis, core engaged, arms pressing down into the ground.

Action: Bend at the knees and focus on squeezing the back of the thighs to pull the heels towards the glutes, bringing the ball closer to the body. Without dropping the form of the pelvis and spine, extend the legs back out before repeating. 

Roll Overs

Set Up: Laying on your back in a imprinted position [lower back gently touching the ground] with the legs extended towards the ceiling and the ball resting between the ankles to recruit engagement of the inner thighs. 

Action: Using the deep muscles of the core, sequence from the tailbone to lift the hips up and send the toes over head behind you to find a plow position [the ball will likely tap the ground before your feet reach!]. Keep the arms pressed into the ground for stability and then very slowly, roll back down through the spine one vertebra at a time until you return to the start position. 

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