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Matwork Pilates Series: Fit Ball Flow

Matwork Pilates Series: Fit Ball Flow

This Matwork Pilates series utilises the Fit Ball to help engage, activate and deepen the Pilates repertoire as it challenges the base of support and demands mindful activation! 

The Matwork Pilates Fit Ball Series Workout

In this Matwork Pilates series repeat each exercise for 8-12 repetitions (so long as you don't feel strain or lose activation) and flow through the sequence. 

The Exercises

Spinal Twist

Key Focus: Initiating activation of the core to stabilise the spine in rotation.

Hip Rolls

Key Focus: Activating the posterior chain of the legs without losing core control.

Ab Curl With Extension

Key Focus: Igniting the powerhouse by engaging internal obliques and then challenging Transverses Abdominus (TVA) to stay controlled with leg extension. 

Hundreds With Single Leg Extension

Key Focus: Developing stamina and control in the abdominals and including co-ordination challenge. Focus on breathing pattern: Inhale: 5 counts Exhale: 5 counts.

Hip Rotations

Key Focus: Stabilising the pelvis and mobilising the hip socket. 

Bend and Stretch: Vertical + Horizontal

Key Focus: Firing up the inner thighs to support the position of the Fit Ball and engaging the core for stability of the pelvis during movement. 

Side Kneeling Lower + Lift

Key Focus: Activating the side glutes and firing up the booty and obliques.

Side Kneeling Kick 

Key Focus: Challenging balance and co-ordination to add in sweeping movement of the extended leg. 

Oblique Activations

Key Focus: Engaging the side waist to support the torso and build endurance through the abdominals. 

Standing Cat + Cow

Key Focus: Mobilisation of the spine and deep stretch for the posterior chain of the body.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Key Focus: Easing out any excess tension through the hamstrings and calves. 

Matwork Pilates Series: Core Workout

Matwork Pilates Series: Core Workout

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