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Matwork Pilates Series: Healthy Hips

Matwork Pilates Series: Healthy Hips

This Matwork Pilates series focuses on developing strength and stability in the pelvic girdle, whilst additionally increasing flexibility and range in the hip socket, leaving you with healthy, happy hips!

Whilst focusing on the hip region, this workout will demand and develop control and activation from the deep core - strengthening your connections to the powerhouse. 

The Healthy Hips Workout

Aim for 8-12 repetitions of each exercise (without losing control or activation), on each leg, and move through the sequence of exercises in order to flow through the series. 

The Exercises

Hip Rotations

Key Focus: Warming up the hip girdle whilst activating the deep core muscles. 

Flexed Knee Circles

Key Focus: Bringing flexion into the hip joint and continuing to warm up. 

Bend + Stretch

Key Focus: Opening the posterior chain of the leg whilst finding a simple stretch and release.

Hamstring Stretch

Key Focus: Deepening flexibility into the hamstrings whilst opening the supporting side hip flexor region.

Lower + Lift

Key Focus: Working in the frontal plane to activate the working leg muscles whilst supporting from the deep core to maintain pelvic stability.

Hip Circles

Key Focus: Building endurance and control in the stability of the pelvic region, whilst the working leg isolates into the circular action of the hip socket. Deep core should be fire up to reduce wobbles from side to side.

Flexion + Extension

Key Focus: Layering on co-ordination and challenging the control of the core to allow the hip to move freely. 


Hip Isolations

Key Focus: Assessing the range of rotation available within the hip whilst maintaining the support in side lying position.

Retire Extension / Reverse

Key Focus: Layering co-ordination and finding length through the leg. Focusing on maintaining pelvic alignment through core engagement, whilst activating and controlling the deep pelvic girdle stabilisers and hip region. 

Spinal Twist

Key Focus: Releasing any tension from the spinal column whilst additionally opening through the glutes and releasing the work load. 

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