No Equipment Total Body Workout

This total body workout requires no equipment as is perfect for when you are short on time, yet looking for results. In just 25 minutes you will fire up the core, shoulders, booty and arms, with simple body weight exercises. A great workout for keeping fit while travelling, expect to pick up the heart rate, get a sweat on, then be able to carry on with your day - no time wasted!

The No Equipment Total Body Workout

Repeat each exercise in sequence for 1 minute for a circuit style workout. Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

That's just 25 minutes of sweat!

The Exercises

In + Out Squat Jumps

Progression: Add Tuck Jumps

Muscles Activated: Inner Thighs, Quadriceps, Calves, Booty

Reverse Lunges with Rotation

Progression: Jump Lunges

Muscles Activated: Quadriceps, Calves, Hamstrings, Booty, Obliques

Pike to Plank

Progression: Add Pike Push Up

Muscles Activated: Core, Shoulders, Hamstrings, Biceps

4 Mountain Climbers + 1 Commando

Muscles Activated: Core, Shoulders

Reverse Tabletop Tricep Dips

Progression: Add Single Leg Extension

Muscles Activated: Triceps, Shoulders, Core