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Matwork Pilates Series: Core Workout

Matwork Pilates Series: Core Workout

This Matwork Pilates Series Core Workout focuses on activating and engaging the deep core muscles to build strength in the powerhouse. This Core Workout can be used as a standalone series or in conjunction with any other Ready, Set, Sweat workout for added burn!

The Core Workout Series

Within this Pilates series aim to execute each exercise for 8-12 repetitions (as many as you do not strain or lose activation) and flow through the sequence. 

The Exercises

Pelvic Tilts

Key Focus: Activating and engaging the lower abdominals and pelvic floor.

Ab Curl + Added Lift

Key Focus: Engaging internal obliques whilst maintaining Transverses Abdominus (TVA) engagement (no bulging belly!)

Dead Bug / Toe Taps

Key Focus: Stability of the pelvic girdle whilst finding engagement of the lower abdominals. Aim to not overarch the lower back and keep the TVA drawn in. 

Hundreds with Variation Extensions

Key Focus: Developing endurance and control. Look out for stability of the pelvic girdle and focus on the breathing pattern - Inhale: 5 counts Exhale: 5 counts.

Single Leg Stretch

Key Focus: Pelvic and Abdominal stability with extra loading and movement of the leg extension. Try not to wobble from side to side!


Key Focus: Find more thoracic curve as you scoop in the belly to counteract the extension of the legs. If you feel any pull in the hamstrings or lower back, simply soften and bend the knees slightly. 

Frog Push Extension

Key Focus: Fire up the inner thighs to ignite more activation in the pelvic floor! Don't let the heels separate as you squeeze the legs out and in. 

Roll Ups

Key Focus: Finding strength in the core to allow mobilisation in the spine. Focus on pressing the feet firmly down into the ground and rolling through the spinal column. 

Teaser Prep Half Roll Backs

Key Focus: Finding control and stability when the area of balance is greatly reduced. As you roll just behind the sit bones, look to find more scoop and curvature in the lumbar spine, without collapsing the upper back. Take the hands off the legs for an extra challenge!

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