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Pilates For A Better Night's Sleep

Pilates For A Better Night's Sleep

After a long day most of us get home and can't wait to climb into bed for some shut eye. Unfortunately a whirling mind of endless thoughts, not to mention our screen addictions, often leaves us lying there awake counting sheep, rather than catching ZZZ's. 

To help you hack a better night's sleep, enter this night-time flow, which will bring you to a whole new state of calm before bedtime. 

Pilates For A Better Night's Sleep

This is the perfect wind down sequence to spread some love and extra TLC to the areas of the body that tend to tighten up with tension over the day. At the same time you'll help with circulation and the draining of lymphatic fluid for enhanced recovery of tired muscles. 

Through this Night-time Flow, focus on taking deep, full breaths and surrendering into the movements/stretches. This will help to nourish the nervous system and calm the mind, getting you ready for a deep slumber ahead! 

The Flow

Move through, or hold, each exercise for 8-10 breaths on each side. 

deep breathing

For: Bringing your attention into the body, slowing down the nervous system, flushing the body with fresh oxygen.

Cat + Cow

For: Easing out the spine after a long day and nourishing the nervous system. 

Side Bend

For: Lengthening the side body, opening the rib cage and sending oxygen deep into the lungs.

Shoulder Release

For: Unloading muscle tightness in the tension prone area of the shoulders, chest and upper back. 

Neck Stretch

For: Counteracting a long day of sitting down, staring at a screen and giving a little extra TLC to the area that tends to hold most of our tension. 

Hamstring Stretches

For: Increasing circulation to move lymphatic fluid out and send in fresh oxygen and nourishment to the lower body. 

Supported Spine Twist

For: Releasing the rounded forward posture common of a desk job and mobilising the thoracic spine for a juicy stretch! 

Hip Rolls

For: Mobilising through the spinal column while giving a little bit of love to the glutes that became lazy after a long day of sitting down. 


For: Unwinding tension from the hips and releasing any friction around the sciatica nerve. 

Figure 4 Stretch

For: Giving some passive love to the hips with a bonus opportunity for a little foot massage!

Legs Up

For: Draining lymphatic fluid out of the lower body for increased circulation, reduced swelling and decreased inflammation of the lower limbs. 

Wake up exhausted every morning? This Flow should help! But also check out this article all about Adrenal Fatigue to watch out for some key symptoms. 

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