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Resistance Band Workout: Upper Body

Resistance Band Workout: Upper Body

This upper body workout is perfect for when you are limited on space and/or equipment, or perhaps just don’t feel like throwing around a bunch of weights! You are able to sculpt your body with the level of resistance provided by the bands, but at the same time you will find an activation and elongation, which helps reduce muscular tension... bonus!

All you need to do is loop a resistance band with handles around a steady support, such as a barre/monkey bars/stable doorway and away you go.

This workout will hit all areas of your upper body – biceps, triceps, chest and back – and your core, PLUS a sneaky bit of legs thrown in as well. So whilst it IS simple, it’s NOT easy, you should be sweating and sculpting the whole way through!!

Try to complete 2-3 rounds of the sequences, on both arms where applicable, and enjoy the burn!

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Squat with row x8

Standing facing your barre in parallel, holding the handles in each hand, step away until there is a tension on the bands when the arms are long and extended in front of you. As you bend into a squat, bend the elbows wide and pull the wrists in towards you at chest level, squeezing between the shoulder blades to do so. Return to the top by extending the arms and knees at the same time (Squeeze the hips forward for extra booty burn!)

Squat hold with row pulses x16

Hold at the bottom of the squat and focuses on squeezing the shoulder blades further together to pulse the elbows backwards.

Tricep long press x8

Step closer in towards the barre, keeping the legs in parallel as you bend down into a squat. Pitch the body forwards slightly, the arms are extended forward on a low diagonal just in front of the knees. Keeping the body still, press the arms backwards, aiming to reach the forearms behind the hips, squeezing both the shoulders and the back of your arms (triceps) at the same time! (TIP: watch out for the front of your shoulders rounding forward as you press the arms back, you want to keep the collarbones wide and proud.)

Tricep pulses x16

Keeping the arms pressed back behind the hips, focuses on squeezing from the triceps and lifting the arms one inch higher to pulse upwards.

Lunge with chest press x8

Facing away from the barre, step into a split lunge position and hold one handle in each hand with the elbows bent wide and hands in line with the chest. As you bend the knees and lower into a lunge, press the arms forward to extend and squeeze the muscles across the chest. As you straighten the legs, bend the elbows back to the start position.

Chair squat with shoulder press x8

Still facing away from the barre, bring the feet together and lower into a deep chair squat (weight back into the heels, knees squeezing together, hips pressing back and down and spine slightly pitched forward). Elbows are drawn towards the waist as the hands are to the sides of the shoulders, palms facing forwards. Keeping the body still, press the arms on a high diagonal so they extend forwards, aiming to almost reach the hands together. Bend the elbows wide to come back to the start. (TIP: make sure you keep the shoulders drawing away from the ears and back engaged so you don’t add tension to the traps.)

Draw the sword x8

Standing sideways to the barre with the legs in a stable parallel, the hand closest to the barre rests on the hip, whilst the outside arm bends with the palm resting just in front of the lower abdominals. Imagine you are drawing a sword out, initiating the action from the elbow pulling out onto a diagonal before unfurling the lower arm. Make sure you keep the shoulder drawing away from the ear and the core steady so you don’t rotate through the torso. Reverse the action to come back to the start.

Chair squat with tricep extensions x8

Facing away from the barre in your chair squat position (weight back into the heels, knees squeezing together, hips pressing back and down and spine slightly pitched forward) lift the arms up overhead so the biceps are in line with the ears and bend the elbows so the wrists reach behind the head and palms gently touch. Keep the upper arms still and simply extend from the elbows to extend the lower arm forwards onto the high diagonal line.

Tricep pulses x16

From the tricep extension position, squeeze through the back of the arms and try to lengthen the wrists further away from the head to find a pulsing action.

Give yourself a big hi-5 and congratulate yourself on a workout well done!


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