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Stability Bench Workout

Stability Bench Workout

Look around your local neighbourhood and chances are you’ll find a park bench lurking close by. This common sight can become your ally in an on-the-go workout requiring nothing more than yourself! This total body sweat session focuses on dynamic stabilisation and mostly unilateral movement for a more effective, balanced body.

the exercises

Split Lunges

Targets: Booty, hamstrings, quads

Focus on: pushing through the heel of the front leg to engage the posterior chain of the leg = more booty gains!

Reps: 12 on each side

Single Leg Stabilisation Squat

Targets: Dynamic stabilisation: Hip stabilisers, Gluteus medius, knee stabilisers

Focus on: Keeping the knee aligned, watch out for dropping inwards as you squat. Maintain the hips level to avoid dipping.

Reps: 12 on each side

Single Leg Hip Thruster

Targets: Hamstring and booty

Focus on: Enaging the hamstring to support the action.

Reps: 12 on each side

Tricep Dips

Targets: Triceps and opening of chest

Focus on: Keeping the collarbones open and wide and the elbows drawing towards one another to keep in alignment.

Reps: 20

Push Up with Mountain Climber

Targets: Chest, core, shoulders

Focus on: Maintaining neutral alignment of spine, core engagement and scapula stabilisation.

Reps: 12

Side Plank + Inner Thigh Lift

Targets: Core, inner thighs, shoulders.

Focus on: Maintaining the side plank and activating the inner thigh. See if you can support the movement by engaging the pelvic floor for bonus benefits!

Reps: 12 on each side


Beginners: 2 Rounds

Intermediate: 3 Rounds

Advanced: 4 Rounds

Wearing: Arcadia Movement Set from Base Athletica

Tunes: Summer Dipcrusher Remix


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