Ready, Set, Sweat

Summer Holiday Sweat Workout

Summer Holiday Sweat Workout

When you're on holiday you sometimes still want to sweat, but not necessarily spend a lot of time doing so. In order to get your fitness fix & tanning time scheduled in, I've put together this little HIIT workout that shouldn't take you any longer than 30 minutes!

The concept is simple, you drop down the sets of body weight exercises by 10 each time, with a round of star jumps first to get the heart rate up & some extra cardio in! You can always alternate the star jumps for another cardio based exercise such as high knees or skipping if you'd prefer.

100 Star Jumps

50 Burpees

50 Air Squats

50 Push Ups


Followed BY: 


80 Star Jumps

40 Burpees

40 Air Squats

40 Push Ups

Repeating with 60/30, 40/20, 20/10 sets to completion!

Let me know how you get on and your Holiday HIIT!

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