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Mini Ball Barre Series

A Barre inspired workout utilising one of the best Pilates sculpting weapons – The Mini Ball. The series focuses on the lower body, specifically the booty (of course!), hamstrings and calves. However you’ll also get some additional core conditioning too!

Mobilisation Warm Up Routine

Skipping your warm up? Well you're skipping out on maximising your results! This mobilisation warm up routine will lift your heart rate, lubricate your joints and activate your muscles AND mind so you can see those gains...

Share the Sweat: Partner Workout

Connection is everything, for support & to challenge, for motivation & to satisfy your human needs as social creatures. This is a month filled with relationships & connections focus and as such I'm bringing you this fun, but challenging, Partner Workout with one of my best friends, Glynn - @gegertonread