Train Like An Angel: Booty Sculpt

In collaboration with Victoria Sport + Guava Pass, Rosie Hope presented a Sculpt masterclass hitting all the key hourglass figure areas so you can Train Like An Angel ahead of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. 

Undoubtedly it's a whole lot of #blessed genetics that gets the Victoria's Secret Angels looking runway ready when they hit one of the biggest fashion shows of the calendar. But they also commit to a huge undertaking of specific workouts and training to get them in shape. This series will help you hone in on all those killer curves at home so you can feel confident and strong year round!

The Booty Sculpt

Target Area: Booty, Hamstrings, Core, Back

Utilising your best weapon in carving out a perky booty – the loop band – this workout will both activate and define your derriere. The band adds resistance, whilst also offering feedback, so you will work hard and build your balance, strength and skill all in one quick workout! 

The Workout

Reps: 8x each exercise Sets: 2-3x entire series

The Exercises

Single Leg Deadlift

Scooter Extensions

Lift + Lower

Side Reaches

Hamstring Curls

The Video


Wearing: Victoria Sport

Music: Unforgettable - French Montana